If Mourinho was at City....

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Lucky Toma, 14 Nov 2017.

  1. rabby


    7 Jan 2012
    100%, we're the luckiest fans in world football having Pep and playing football we could only dream about when Pearce was manager,but I would still turn up if Donald fuckin Trump was manager,you support the team not the manager or football style at any given time.
  2. journolud


    26 Apr 2006
    enjoyed reading that article.
  3. Metalartin


    15 Jul 2015
    Yep we should also remember the Pep era like all good things will eventually come to an end. I would love to think someone fresh could come in and be just as good but we will probably have a dip much like Bayern are going through now, we'll probably have someone more defensive and be yearning for the Pep days back for a while. That's why I don't understand some peoples attitudes in the matchday threads, if they aren't happy with what they are seeing now and filled with optimism when will they ever enjoy the ride at all?
  4. Neville Kneville

    Neville Kneville

    26 May 2008
    Pellegrini was bad enough. But at least he produced a season of great attacking football before being uncovered.

    There have been two occasions where I was ready to chuck it in, one just at the moment Franny Lee stepped in to challenge Swales, two, toward the end of Pearce's reign. I didn't see why we had been through all that shit, for decades only to come out the other side, at long last, playing beautiful football, under Keegan & then go right back, to the cockney Frank fucking Clark, with no ambition.

    After all the build up, if we went back to playing anti-football under that, miserable fucking **** & spent half a billion doing it, I would just fuck off.

    I can't understand how the rags' public accept it.
  5. prestonibbo_mcfc


    16 Apr 2010
    Most probably done it, last game of the season ;-)
  6. Pezzer2


    30 Aug 2008
    Scouseland ex Denton
    My United supporting mate detested Mourinho with a passion when at Chelsea. All of a sudden he was the new messiah when appointed at the swamp. I'm loving it now as the knives are starting to get sharpened with each passing week, patience is wearing thin with the messiah.
  7. TFC


    10 Aug 2008
    Oh Manchester, is wonderful....
    I'd rather this article at the end of the season after we've crushed the ****s to dust and broken PEG's spirit but enjoyed it all the same ;)

    I think we only realise how lucky we are because we've had Guardiola at the club and have seen (just a glimpse of) the amazing football he brings. Once upon a time had Mou come to City, we would have trotted out the 'he's a ****, but he's our ****' trope. So happy we've never had to.
  8. The blue phantom

    The blue phantom

    26 Aug 2015
    Was there really any City fans who ever wanted this piece of shit?.. He's been an horrible bastard for years.
  9. meltonblue


    13 May 2013
    I think it's the natural pessimist in me, but I do think some of that article is a bit premature (albeit fun to read as a City fan!). I am not a fan of Mourinho and never will be, I don't like the way he uses confrontation and detriment of others to create a mentality in his squad and I'm not a fan of reactive tactics, as again, it seeks out weaknesses of others rather than strengths of his own.

    He still is (or at least still could be) an effective coach though and his style
    does bring results. Bear in mind, he wanted Stones before we signed him. He would have turned out a completely different player, but he could still have managed him effectively.

    There are some fine margins in there too. An injury to Stones or Fernandinho and I think we could potentially struggle still and it's next year that I think we will be truly at our best. I don't think we will, it's just a possibility.

    What I would say is that even if Mourinho was to win the title this year (I don't think he will, but I don't think it's over yet either), I still think Guardiola will win the war in that he will change a lot of the discourse about football in this country. We are already seeing pundits starting to realise just what they are watching and whilst Mourinho will always have some plaudits for the trophies he's won, he will never be known as a pioneer or an innovative coach. He could win another trophy, the difference is he could never win one playing the way we are and he knows that himself. That's what's remarkable about what Guardiola does - the way he does it.
  10. Cityfan


    28 Jan 2009
    I remember when Chelsea were wining the title in Pellegrini's second season there were a few threads saying we should go for Mourinho, though a lot of people disagreed.
    I don't know how I would have reacted if he became our manager. I have long disliked the guy with a passion and didn't want him here however I do get behind our managers , though there have not been any I have disliked for many years but a few who I thought incompetent.
    My guess is I would have grudgingly supported him for a while but if things were going badly turn on him quickly.

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