It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread


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16 Jun 2009
I’m a little uncomfortable with the downgrade in some of these targets and hoping they’re bluffs. I can’t be the only one seeing this. Other clubs are aiming higher. Haaland won’t solve all our problems
No one saw Liverpool signing Dias, tsimikas, Thiago and Jota and thought wow that’s incredible business. Most thought Dias was an ok signing but probably a bit lightweight, Jota wasn’t even the star at a mid table premier league team, tsimikas ….who? & Thiago was injured all the time.

The reality is when Robertson doesn’t play you don’t really notice, Dias although the media are bias is apparently the signing of the season, Thiago has been a 7 out of 10 player most weeks and if you get that with his ability then it’s worth every penny and Jota for me is Liverpool’s player of the season….29 goals and assists in 51 games.

If we sign Haaland, Alvarez, Nunes, Phillips and cucarella for somewhere between £30-50mill net the we have replaced Mendy, Torres, Aguero, Jesus & Fernandinho, that is a massive improvement for me.

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12 Jan 2016
Someone like Phillips probably has to make the step up if he wants to keep his England place. There's so much midfield talent available for Southgate to choose from, and with more coming through all the time, at some point he's going to come under pressure to fit them in rather than persisting with a more negative approach.

Already there's Rice, Henderson, Bellingham, Ward-Prowse, Gallagher etc. to compete with for two positions. If Southgate decides to play with one holding player and two more advanced, Phillips is basically hoping to be picked as Rice's backup. Playing a decent amount of games under Pep and being part of an established winning team is more likely to make that happen than playing for Leeds week in, week out. Of course he could go somewhere like Arsenal or Spurs, probably play a lot more than he would here, but would that count for much?


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10 Dec 2016
The only positive with the Kalvin Phillips signing is the price. At least it isn't £100m+ and it will probably satisfy the Premier League's Brexit ruling. Cucurella is more appealing as Brighton has had a good season.
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Squad needs bulking up too, can’t all be expensive superstars.

Cucurella and someone like Phillips or Ward-Prowse would be decent fillers and not cost the earth.
Who is talking about superstars? You can look at several leagues and come up with better options that wouldn’t downgrade us severely. You can’t sign players that you would dread seeing in big games. And Ward-Prowse would not be cheap (just like I don’t think the other two would either). It’s just an example, but you take Danilo from Palmeiras (remember this name) who would cost much less than Phillips, is much younger and much more potential, that would be the way to go. Does anyone think Phillips makes the squad in the best team in Europe? Why is Liverpool, a team that could win the quadruple, looking at Tchouameni (and they already have Fabinho) and we’re looking at Kalvin fucking Phillips?

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