It's Quiet 17 - Glory Thread


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31 May 2016
People saying Phillips doesn’t improve the squad are insane ..

He’s a massive upgrade on dinho who is understudy to Rodri in the 6 position ..

the current dinho.

We ain’t replacing prime dinho, he was a freak in the senses he had a engine, could tackle and ping a decent pass. People need to let the replacing him phrase as a actually starting player go.

he’s barely played in last 18 months.
Rodri has already took his place.

the 6 position and who we get is a tricky one because ,
Now a days you’re either a destroyer who tackles charges about and gives the ball in a simple pass to the creative players , or your a rodri, FDJ, Thiago type of 6. The perfect mix doesn’t exist.

We have a rodri, who gets ran into the ground playing 50 odd games a season, so having a option of a Phillips to bring on when games are won or to start now and again and in cup competitions is a very good option .

can’t all be 60-80 million pound exciting signings ffs.


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21 Jun 2014
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Manchester City
just watched some phillips highlights as only the smartest scouts do. He has exactly what this team has none of. Raw strength and bruiser ability.

Why would you not want him? All this team has is passers... We have unlimited passers. all we do is pass!

We need physicality and brutishness to keep our passers safe against the atleticos of this world. He also does have a pass himself.....

Plus that haircut i mean whats not to like.
I agree, we've got plethora of concert pianists In our team but a severe lack of piano shifters, we need one or two players who can take the game by the scruff of the neck and null the opposition Into thinking twice, not sure whether Phillips Is the answer as I've not really seen what he can do.

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Both are incredibly overated imo. Rice is a very good player but 100m please. Rodri shits all over both of them
Well yes on Rodri. But Rice has already achieved incredible heights (imo!) being where he is. Would absolutely love to see him in our shirt


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3 Aug 2018
Just to add: VVD and Matip are in their 30’s. As is the new best midfielder in the world Thiago.
And by in your 30s, you mean...they are 30

You think they are all of a sudden going to drop off a clip you're in for a surprise

They arguably have 4 or maybe even 5 years before they need to replace both, one they've already done with Konate (22, gutted we missed out on this guy) and you could argue they still have Gomez, although his injuries mean he may be let go

Their biggest problems are whether to cash in on Salah, Mane and (less so) Firminio now for a good fee or renew

I hope they sell them as Salah and Mane are world class and I just can't see then replacing then with someone as good even if they get £200mil for the pair

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Which new players will be done deals a week from now?

People already forgot last week’s done deal, Matheus Nunes. It’s time the Portuguese media publishes a new story so people remember he’s VERY CLOSE…

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