It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition


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4 Jun 2015
I'd say Hagrid has been fairly decent in showing which sources to give credence to. As it doesn't seem like he's touched RMC or Elwood White (who?), it shows they are chancers.


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3 Feb 2014
It's a statement about the response to the La Liga dispute and the release clause. It won't be about whether he is staying or leaving. Well I do know this, this is the Messi camp doing their best to leave so this is a stage to that only.


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19 Apr 2009
Suarez has been done as a top class striker for 2 years. He can't run at all, he plays a lot like Ibrahimovic does at 39.

I think he's got about 25 goals since the beginning of 2019 and 6 or 7 are penalties.
When he goes down like he's been killed at every tackle and throws one arm in the air, I wanna snap it off


25 Jul 2009
Still at Maine Road in my mind.
This thread is really starting to develop a pattern_

Tolmie comes online and says everything is good.
20 pages of celebration.

Some random newspaper anounces he's staying.
50 pages of panic.

Tolmie comes online and says everything is good.

etc. etc.
To be fair, these types of transfer threads usually go through similar cycles:

Rumours are something is happening > Could it happen? > Is it happening? > It might be happening you know! > This will change everything > He’ll be the best player in the PL > But how will we afford them? > Will the player *actually* make us better? > Rumours are nothing is happening > It’s probably better we don’t get them > Is he really that good? > Wouldn’t we better off bringing back Kante? > Can he actually do it on a cold, rainy night in Burnley? > I would like to share these 17 paragraphs about the pros and cons of this potential transfer > Have you seen them on YouTube? > I’m starting to have my doubts > WHY HAVE THE CLUB NOT SAID ANYTHING!?! > #TxikiOut > It’s never going to happen so close the ****ing thread > [Tolmie posts video] > HE’S COMING!!! > *Repeat*

I am just trying to nudge everyone back to the slightly more enjoyably jovial section of the cycle.

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