It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition


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17 Sep 2020
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She is all those things but 'oh so quiet' is a pretty rubbish tune. Her legacy is the vocal house banger 'big time sensuality'. An absolute classic of early 90's clubbing.

the whole album which this is from “ debut” is a masterpiece ,Strange title as it wasn’t her debut solo album , as she has a album out when she was 10 years old.

I prefer the sugacubes the band she was lead singer of in the 80s . Great band

sir baconface

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20 May 2012
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We don't really know what's happening but we seem to spend month and months planning for a transfer window and then Pep seems to change his mind and we are left with a more dynamic situation switching targets etc. during the window. Modern transfer deals are incredibly complex and pulling them together in a few weeks is incredibly difficult. I wonder whether we did have Aouar boxed off but when the Messi option became a genuine option we backed off and we are waiting to see whether that goes over the line before making a final decision.
I don’t see any evidence of Pep changing his mind.

Professional negotiators go into negotiations with an agenda, a strategy and fallback options. They don’t show their hand up front, nor do they expect to win concessions first day. They know it can be a war of attrition and they understand how a ticking clock affects the dynamics.

I certainly won’t be assuming anything until the transfer window closes.


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4 Feb 2010
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Koulibaly deal seems dead now... Fucking ADL.

Jules Koundé will hopefully be a good signing but I’m still not convinced about his size. I always prefer a bigger centreback to get some aerial and ground presence. A CB should never be pushed over and Koulibaly is a rock.

Koundé is destined to lose certain aerial battles and ground duels because he doesn’t have that big frame. There’s just no way of avoiding that.

I hope he’ll bulk up.
I think we know you have a problem with his height by now

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