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17 Oct 2014
Dubh Linn
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Think half the problem is when Pep says he’d rather go with what he has than a striker he doesn’t think fits, fans are still reluctant believe it or to trust he can make it work. We don’t think like Pep, few do.
He wanted Kane because he saw Kane fitted his plans.
As fans we can blame who we want for not having a plan B, and we might have one yet wait and see. It’s also possible Pep said no to options like Ings, Lukaku, because in his head he believes he can get more team goals from what he has, than a striker that might score 25 but disrupt the team plan.
And he didn’t give the impression today that Ronaldo was his idea either.
I don’t know what he’ll do but he’ll need a couple of the squad to step up to the challenge the way various fan write-offs did last season, at different times.

We can slag him off for team selections at times that baffle us, but his biggest achievement was getting what he did out of that squad last season.
We all think we had a team that should have won the CL but getting there and winning the PL with the squad playing the football they did was a major achievement.

Trouble this year is all our major rivals have strengthened, know our false 9 routine, crowds back will hate us as usual.
Pep has his work cut out to come up with something new.

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26 Jan 2009
I know that mate. You didn't understand my point. We lied to him telling him "We will sign a Striker this summer." which is why he won't get game time. Telling him we are letting him go for his injury record would've been more respectful imho.

I dont think we lied to him, we haven't been able to buy a striker which is a different issue, but it's no secret we are in the market for one. The board obviously didn't envisage it being as difficult as it has been to get one of these deals over the line, but we couldn't exactly offer him a new contract as a contingency in case we didn't sign anyone.

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25 Dec 2008
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The absolute state of this place right now is shocking.

What a load of weak willed, negative ingrates there are on here.

City will be favourites again to win the league no matter which player any other team buys.

The club keep a tight hold on their transfer dealings these days, so nobody knows for sure what we did or didn't offer. Or, more importantly, how other teams have behaved in our approaches.

Chances are our professional operations worked just fine; it's the other unprofessional clubs, or greedy/stupid players that have messed things up.

I have complete confidence in the club.

We will look back in 6 months and realise we dodged bullets this year.


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7 Jun 2012
Pep said no to other options but we were going to panic buy nearly 37 year old!!!!

No sugar coating it. We messed up this window.
Did Pep say yes to Ronaldo I don’t know, but if he is saying yes or no to options it wouldn’t be based on age. So who do you think was saying yes or no to suggested striking options, or deciding not have any options.?
Maybe not Pep, but I’d be surprised he wasn’t involved if he wanted Kane he’d surely be asked about any other options.

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