January window

Never said cancelo wasn't better than Tierney, nor did I say Tierney was the next Roberto Carlos.

My point was merely that we lack width on the left, Tierney could bring that and it wouldn't cost the earth. And if he got the right treatment to get over his recent injury issues he has the ability to actually be a very strong player in that role.

We don't agree on this one, C'est la vie
Tierbey wiuld be like alphonse Davies compared to what we have . When you look at it a team that is one of the best in the world and richest that aspires to win everything hasn’t got a left back . Fucking criminal if you ask me me .
Can't see anything happening this window, maybe Perrone on the last day but that's it. If we fall short this season in all competitions I think there will be a big overhaul of the squad in the summer

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