Jeremy Doku

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Leroy was mustard right from the start. I know, I know, there were matches where he had so little impact you'd forget he was there. But other matches where he lit up the stadium! Still love him for that last-minute goal against Liverpool which sealed their one defeat of the season. And, in effect, was one of the key goals that gave us the title.
I know — I need to let it go. I have done, but there's still the memories.
I know nothing whatsoever about this lad. But if he's two-thirds of the player that Leroy was at his best, I'm right behind him. There's nothing more exciting in football than having a genuinely fast winger who can go outside his man.
I’m not sure Leroy was mustard from the very start, I seem to remember us playing him on the right wing. It was only when he shifted to the left hand side, that we started to see the best out of him
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