Kalidou Koulibaly


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27 Mar 2011
I don’t partake, thank you.

You claimed that we’d recover more than £58m by selling those three players. By ‘hit’ I meant that we’d not make the market value of any of those players, including Angelino. Leipzig have already intimated that they won’t pay what we want and even highlighted his current inability to defend in a conventional 4 at the back system.

Garcia will probably leave for £15m, Otamendi is reportedly being sold for £8m, and I cannot see anyone paying in excess of £35m for Angelino in the current climate, so if they are all to be sold this summer, it will involve the club taking a hit.

You can smoke whatever you choose, but before you do, perhaps you can explain how you come to your calculation. ;-)
Garcia will go for the 30. I beleive that. The club isn't going to roll over for Barca and we get good money for kids.

Angelino will go for 20-25. We will get offers for that much.


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27 Jul 2020

Season 20/21: 29 years old
Season 21/22: 30 years old
Season 22/23: 31 years old
Season 23/24: 32 years old

We would get at least 4 good years on top level from him. He could might as well be amazing until 35, as long as he keeps his speed and agility. We all know he can defend. So he had a mediocre season, just like our Bernardo. Doesn’t mean he’s in decline. I expect Van Dijk to be world class atleast 3 more years, think most people do. Why would Koulibaly be finished? He’s the same age as Van Dijk.
He's not nearly 30. He turned 29 at the end of June. He won't be 30 until we're playing the 21/22 season.

Look at this way.
20/21 - 29 all season
21/22 - 30 all season
22/23 - 31 all season
23/24 - 32 all season
24/25 - 33 all season
25/26 - 34 all season

Terry was 35 and starting regularly for Chelsea. Vinnie left at 33 (and we all know that was because of injuries really and Anderlecht's draw, not cos he wasn't good enough still). Ramos is 34 and still key for Real Madrid. Ferdinand left United at 34 etc etc.

It's genuinely reasonable to presume that as long KK has no severe injuries, he's got 4/5 seasons at a very high level left. Defenders are very fit these days and can play into their early mid 30s no problem.
Aaaah, mr. twosips is sharing my reasoning I see...

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14 Dec 2008
The Palladion
Garcia will go for the 30. I beleive that. The club isn't going to roll over for Barca and we get good money for kids.

Angelino will go for 20-25. We will get offers for that much.
We may receive £20-25m for Angelino, but he might have to pull up trees in the next game to secure that. For Garcia, however, there is no way we are receiving that, even if we both agree that morally we should receive that and even if we’d like to squeeze Barcelona for it. In this particular instance we’ve been played, royally, and the player will be allowed to leave quickly and quietly for a deal that will not amount to much more than £15m, and that will alas include add ons.


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28 Oct 2013
Trautmann’s For Steel
A genuinely top class central defender can play to his mid thirties, no problem, injuries permitting. I've not seen enough of him, and I'm not making any judgement on Koulibaly. But age should not be a major factor, in my view, in considering the price. Jesus, the rags paid 80 million!! (was it pounds or euros? can't remember, either way it's mad, they were rinsed big time) for Harry F. Maguire!
In the Covid context, there isn't going to be silly money paid like that, but still. If the club want him, if Pep wants him, let's go all in.


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25 Sep 2018
Don't understand why the valuation is causing too much of a debate between fans. If Koulibaly wins us the league, improves our defence and helps us to challenge in Europe against the world's best he's going to be worth every penny. A defence is where clubs win titles, and that's exactly why Liverpool battered the league this season. The brilliance of Van Dijk and the absence of Laporte is exactly why we finished 18 points behind them.
The debate is due to fans understanding that we evidentially have a cut off point with all transfers, as is proven with Jorginho, Sanchez, Maguire and various others over the years. The club believe in value for money, so it's only reasonable to expect fans to discuss what we consider value for money on a fans forum, otherwise it would be called the Josh blog.

And there's no guarantee Koulibaly wins us the league, helps us in Europe or even improves us, time will tell if, and that's a big if, he's worth every penny.

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