Legal advice please!

What has she been doing with it, or did she stash it ?

If stashed I would say tell her to pay it back and you won't go to the cops or a lawyer. (Will save you a lot of stress and anxiety, also any good lawyer would be rubbing his hands to sort this out).

Can't think of how she could have spent 1.3mill without you noticing if that's what she did.

The divorce is a separate issue you both have to want.
Have you got a screenshot of this to back your claim up? Surely because this an account of yours you should be able to access it online and see what’s going on, either that or have paper bank statements delivered to your address. Sounds like a wind up
Both me and my mother are the shareholders and both sign them off mate.
So you don't even read your own accounts or even give them a cursory glance, or discussed them with your accountant. Otherwise you would have noticed this £120k outgoing each year. Sorry but it seems a very strange way to run a business to me. Unless your business is so profitable that £10k a month is small change and it would get lost in much bigger numbers. Why didnt you question your big tax bill every year. All relationships are built on trust especially a marriage. For your wife to be so deceitful must be very hurtful. I would want to know why then I would get a good divorce lawyer
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She sounds like she has some sort of addiction, her mother resigning says to me she was in it as well, you must have evidence she's been on the take, show it to your mother, then both confront your Mrs and ask her to explain herself, she's not only stolen from you but also your piece of mind for your kid's future ,could be gambling could be drugs whatever it is you need to get off the transfer forum and sort it out ASAP

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