Legal advice please!

I find it hard to believe that you haven't noticed £120,000 being paid out in dividends (or that your accountant hasn't mentioned it) every year for 12 years and that you also haven't noticed dividends being paid to you on your tax return and tax bill.

If true (and it seems so unlikely that I have my doubts), I don't know where you would stand legally. It seems you have personally signed off your company accounts and your tax return each year. As such, I suspect it may be difficult for you to prove that she took out this money without your consent all this time. Surely she'd just claim that you had authorised her to do this and that is proved by you signing off on the accounts and tax returns.

That you didn't notice dividends being paid on on your company accounts or your tax return and didn't notice you been paying such a large amount of extra tax every year seems rather suspicious to me.
Fuck the lying selfish woman off mate. Make sure you cover your arse legally first though, especially financially.

I took an ex-wife to the cleaners because she was a controlling, manipulative woman and the day I moved out felt like a new life and absolute freedom.

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