Leicester City (H) Post Match Thread

Neville Kneville

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26 May 2008
Paying homage to Kevin Prince Boateng's agent
What tactic? Hope the opposition gives away 3 of the worst penalties I have seen? You can’t seriously praise Leicester for our own implosion. Even a u12 team would have won against that performance today.

Teams know that they don't have to attack us to beat us & even if we score, they will create chances with one or two players going forward.


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1 Oct 2014
We look mentally weak and done in recently. Always seem to start well and dominate. But concede a sloppy goal and have a proper wobble. Once we went 1-1 I told my Leicester mate this could be 5-1. Just looked possible. No idea how Pep solves this. He will tho.
I agree , apart from pep will sort this , that had all the shades of last season , dominate position , other team parks the bus , we don’t create anything , other team punished us with any half chance .
I think this will be peps last seasonand sadly think it will end with a bit of a wimper .
Somethings just not right .

Callum Ramsey

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15 Feb 2016
We all know about the personnel issues that are there and still hasn't been addressed. But that still doesn't excuse the application from most of the players today. I would keep an eye on them whenever the ball was lost and with no fail their head will just drop, there will be a half attempt at a press and jog and then that would be it. Imo the first initial press in transition when the ball is lost from the forwards and midfield has been the biggest problem along with the failure to address the defence in the side for the past couple seasons. leicester only needed to play one pass whenever they won the ball and they would be straight through either running at the defence or a chance to get through on goal.

This was happening through the 1st half and even before their goal and the fact that attitude didn't change but in fact seemed to get worse in the second half points to a bigger problem. I don't want to be the one to read too much into the 2nd league game in such an unusual season with the fixtures as well as the injury issues but this question of attitude and application has been one that started from last season and carried into this one and at this point I doubt having the injured players back would make that much of a difference.


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10 Nov 2019
Team supported
Ake in his second game was our best defender.

The back 4 was embarrassing. We conceded 5 goals against fucking Leicester. They scored with their first chance AGAIN.
I felt for Ake sandwiched between those 2 Clowns.

You could see he was anticipating problems Mendy,and Garcia should have been anticipating, and was starting to move towards them positional wise.

Mendy and Garcia are dreadful.

For a Center half Garcia is as slow as a Pensioner.

I still can not get my head around Leroy being benched until his exit for not resigning. Yet Garcia has already told us he is off,and here he is playing.Seems like double standards.

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