Liam Gallagher tours "Definitely Maybe"

I always find it funny that people think Liam is living off his brothers talent.

There are many artists that don't write their own songs, it's a skill in its own rite however in my opinion its the vocalist who makes the songs successful. If Noel tried to do the same as Liam and do a tour of oasis songs without Liam I dont think it would get the same traction.

Manged to get tickets and can't wait for it!
Agreed I can’t wait

We got two tickets sold out in minuets Liam has written some great songs of his own, it wasn’t Noel’s songs alone that made Oasis every time I hear Boneheads guitar riff in Columbia and he’s joining Liam on the tour it’s not one to miss, he’s playing all the b sides of DM plus a few others
”up in the sky” is one
A reunion won’t happen. It’s swung round. Liam was desperate to get the band back together while Noel was having success solo and talking shite hammering Liam but Liam doesn’t need it anymore he’s smashing it solo. He’s even getting a new generation on board, My 12 year old nephew was desperate for tickets to go and see him on this tour and that’s because of him the last couple of years not Oasis of 20+years ago.
It’s not only 50yr old it’s every age. Teenagers loved the close contact, Liam and huge crowds equals “freedom” from restrictions endured during lockdown some of them had enough of TV contrived fun :)

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