Liverpool (a) post-match thread


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29 Apr 2008
Regardless of VAR, Liverpool picked up on our weak clearances and weak defense and punished us. The first goal was a very very poor clearance by Gundogan and then a worse block by Rodri. The second goal was an amazing cross by Liverpool which our defense did not stop and we got punished for it. The third goal again Gundogan just stopped from marking the cross .. why why why??? He should have kept on tracking back. And Mane should not have scored from that position, again weak defense and weak goal keeping.

All in all we are missing Laporte and Ederson and Pep should start trusting Foden to play instead of Gundogan.

I thought Angelino was great for a first away start. He was dangerous from the left flank. Fernandinho did his best. Walker and Stones we not up to it, maybe Cancelo would have done better. Bravo first two shots on goal from Liverpool and he concedes twice.

Everyone is going on and on about the Penalties and VAR. Forget about them, we have Chelsea next and I worry more now that we can also lose that game. This year is going to be tough for us and we have to accept what we get. Maybe its time we pay more attention to the Champions League and try and win the Carabao Cup and FA Cup for this year

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17 Jun 2009
Pep won't risk breaking the spirit of a young teenager . He simply will not do that . Phil will have be gutted on the sideline seeing his team 3-0 down . He's still very young .

He risks breaking his spirit by NOT playing him ffs...

Do you honestly think that Foden was sat there thinking 'Oh this is terrible...!' or 'Get me on I can help!'

Ffs get a grip


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4 Feb 2010
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Guardiola: "It's uncomfortable for me because it looks like 'Pep complains about referees', but congratulations to Liverpool. We have to avoid the second goal. We can't know what would happen if it was this decision or this decision. What can I say?"

Colin Bells Boots

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31 May 2016
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Best analysis of the game once again from Souness imo.

If City were able to put crosses in from our fullbacks like dippers fullbacks do, and then finish the chances created we would score sp many more goals than trying to thread balls through the defence, we would be out of reach.

Robertson has made a massive difference to them .


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7 Jan 2009
Can moan about the refs and VAR but it's expected that they screw us nearly every game.

However the team just isnt clinical enough. Missing chance after chance after chance after fucking chance!!

They need 3 chances and score 3.

We need 8 or 9 chances to score 1.

Just not good enough.

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