Liverpool (H) - Post-Match Thread


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21 Aug 2020
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One of the few who gets it.
Oh i get it, and whats its doing is exposing how unproductive our attackers are in reality...its alright getting 30 goals a season when you can afford to miss with this more safe style of play you need to be creating and converting solid chances. For me its completely exposing the weakness of sterling and a few others.

Like i said previously not all bad, defenders look really solid along with cancelo. But the fact that for me cancelo is motm playing out of position says it all! What did sterling do today to help the team? Other than Keeping the ball when he should pass, every, single, time...

Mahrez and sterling not good enough for how we play now, genuinely need worldy wingers(torres has that potential but has played a lot the last couple of weeks) if this pargmatism is to continue, otherwise it will be way too many draws and tight games to contend. I might eat my words later in the season but i seriously doubt it.

Rodri is simply not good enough, sterling and mahrez and too wasteful for this pragmatic approach, and we lack serious attacking wingplay. The summer needs to deliver a worldy striker, at least 1 worldy winger, and a serious upgrade on rodri and mendy.

But the club just dont seem to want to try for the best...which is exactly what this system needs.


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23 Dec 2009
Good first half but it looked like both teams would be happy settling for a point a piece in the second.

Disappointed Foden didn't get at least half an hour or come on when TAA went of injured to run the legs off Milner.

Impressed with Cancelo though, finally we're starting to see why we paid so much for him.


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21 Aug 2008
Really disappointed we didn't go for it in the last 20 mins, they were there for the taking. Would have liked to see Foden up against Milner and move Sterling right and Bernado central, we are playing with one hand tied behind our back with these inverted wingers, don't like it one bit.

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29 Oct 2010
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Some of the leaders, i.e. Walker, KDB and Sterling, weren't at their best today and the whole team suffered from it.

Liverpool's pressing was impressive and in combination with the heavy rain it was difficult for us to play our normal technical game. Normally, we evade the press through quick passing but today the circumstances favoured the more physical team of Liverpool.

We are slowly turning things around. We need Jesus to stay fit, Kevin and Raz to regain form, Dias and Laporte to get used to each other, Cancelo and Torres to continue to establish themselves.

Personally, I think this team will be unstoppable in 1-2 months.

Good post mate.

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