Maine Rd terrace characters


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28 Oct 2013
There was old boy in my block in the North Stand in the 70s and 80s block M row 22 seat 22.1st pass that went astray go back to bed city.All through the game should have stayed in bed City go back to bed if we were winning well it was if you had got out of bed it could have been more had all around in hysterics.


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20 Jun 2009
Ashton-u-lyne,Manchester.Block 318
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St Marks West Gorton
i remember one mid week night game
i was with my dad and grandad
mick channon was playing for us and erm
not doing too well

this black guy that had been joking throughout the game
suddenly made a loud " brrrrring brrrring " phone call noise during a quiet moment on the kippax
and said

" Mr Channon ,phone call for you " everyone burst out laughing
its always stayed with me that moment in time.


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25 Dec 2018
Anyone remeber the guys name that had MCFC tattood on his dick? Think his nickname was Bulldog!
He had to have MCFC, because he couldn't fit Manchester City Football Club on it!

roman totale

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18 Jul 2009
Cleveland, Americaland
Tony Valente passed away recently, funeral this Thursday at St Mary's Langley 10am .....another nutcase blue gone RIP big man
I knew Tony a bit, not from City, but from Radcliffe Borough. He was a mate of Bernard Manning Jr’s and Bernard had him work the gate, probably to keep him out of trouble on a Saturday, in the early 90s. Definitely a character.


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10 Sep 2008
I used to stand near Pete the Badge in the mid 80's to the Early 90's. There was also some old codger stood near us from Burnley (always wore a brown leather jacket and cords). He claimed to be a Sunday league Ref but didn't sem to have a clue about the LotG. He was ALWAYS slagging our players off. Everything was TERRIBLE, which in most cases was spot on but never once uttered any words of encouragement, even when we were playing well. I remember him giving David White absolute dogs abuse one game when he was actually doing well. Pretty sure Whitey heard him a couple of times.
Bloody hell, you have brought back a memory there.

Pubteam Lomas

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12 Dec 2010
There was a lad (he was in his early 20s in the late 1980s) who was a 'home and away' Blue.
Went everywhere. But he went everywhere with a bloody radio held to the side of his head!

We'd be at Reading, Blackburn etc... and suddenly he'd shout out random things like 'County are 1 up!'
He'd obviously got BBC sports programme on and he'd just shout all the goals as they went in!!!!!

Made this teenager piss himself laughing every week!!!! ( You had to be there!!!!!!!!!!)

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