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Blue Smarties

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10 Aug 2008
Felt like what I imagine being a Chelsea fan is like. There was a feeling it wasn’t a longterm appointment.

I didn’t particularly like the football at times, and his decisions were incredibly frustrating. Thanks for the time and memories, but I was glad when he was gone. Bony didn’t help him an ounce.


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5 Oct 2009
Not our greatest manager although he was far far better than many realised. But certainly our classiest, and most decent (Of recent years).
Won us three trophies, playing attractive football, at a time when he knew that the club didn’t want him, the press knew it, and every player knew it. The dignity that man showed was a credit to him and a testament to his innate decency.
Got us to a CL semi final, with a squad that Pep couldn’t get a tune out of the following year (not a dig at Pep, simply a fact), a feat the club was unable to replicate until some years and many hundreds of millions of pounds had been spent.
And he did all this whilst being called a fucking corpse by his own supporters.
He showed us all what it was to be a man.
And he showed so many of our online fans to be utter utter wankers of the very highest order.

A legend and a gentleman.

Tugay One Cup

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5 Aug 2015
Ai Weiwei to the dangerzone
Arguably the perfect manager to come in and steady the ship after Mancini pissed off just about everyone and their dog for no other reason than him just being generally an arsehole.

His first season was amazing. After that, everything became a bit sterile and I got increasingly frustrated with him being so placid all the time and not openly holding players like Yaya responsible when they were putting in zero fucking effort.

The upside to Mancini being a dick is that he didn't give a shit what any of the star players thought and wouldn't allow them to rest on their laurels.

The reason why Pep is on a whole other level to either (not to mention pretty much anyone else in the modern game) is because he brings an exciting, attacking style of play like Pellegrini but he also has the "fuck you" attitude of someone like Mancini and doesn't allow his players to take the piss.

1. Pep
2. Mancini
3. Pellegrini

Lavinda Past

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21 Feb 2012
Like you really care where I am. Fuck you Kyle.
As a 'stop gap' manager, he was bloody good.

Great football, lots of goals, trophies... I doubt anyone could have achieved more with City at the time. Yes, he inherited Bobby's squad, but he added to, and improved it.

2013/14 was probably my favourite season ever, a proper title race, fighting to the end, and Yaya Toure giving the best 'season long' performances I've seen by any City player.

As we know, it went down hill a bit in 2014/15 but only a complete idiot would dismiss 2nd place as a 'failure'.

2015/16 was obviously disrupted by everyone knowing that Pep was on his way to City and Manuel Pellegrini would be leaving. A clearly 'unsatisfactory' season for many City fans... 4th in the PL, League Cup winners, and a CL semi-final.

Not exactly a disaster, but most City fans' heads had already been turned to Pep and the future... As far as most of us were concerned, Manuel Pellegini would not be missed, and he was disrespected by thousands of supporters on his final day.

How fickle we football fans can be sometimes!

Manuel is a lovely, approachable bloke. A real gentleman who, with hindsight, deserves to be remembered fondly by everyone connected with City. For me, 2013/14 will always be the Yaya and Manuel season - The most entertaining season I've seen since the 'swashbuckling' days of Joe and Malcolm at their peak.


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16 May 2009
Sordid little grief hole
Generally I’d say Pellers is a bit under appreciated. We played with a lot of style and panache and won the league a bit more comfortably than in 2012.

His last season wasn’t great but it’s tough for any manager when the players know he’s on his way and Komapny had started his injury nightmare by that point. He also had to deal with the ffp sanctions, squad restrictions and a reduction in spending power that didn’t hurt Mancini or Pep so much.

He wasn helped by Toure and Dzeko phoning it in for much of his final season either.

Post City his record isn’t good but neither was Mancini’s until he went into international management.


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3 Jun 2021
Team supported
Average at best. That champions league semi final away leg in Madrid was fucking dreadful and sadly left a bitter taste in my mouth. He was the calm character they wanted in after Mancini and he fulfilled that role.

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