Matheus Nunes

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Something is going on, we are seriously careful with the cash flow, said before FFP?

After huge bonus payouts and contract/wage extensions?
A good chance Txixi is in fact earning an extremely large bonus as well.
They earn with the treble he earns by saving on budgets.
I said it previously but I think he's going to surprise a lot of people. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if he's starting over Kovacic by the end of the season. If nothing, he gives us a lot more athleticism/speed in the middle of the park. Kovacic, Bernie, and Rodri are obviously great but they don't cover nearly as much ground as Nunes does.

This will be a great window if we keep hold of Palmer IMO.
Was Nunes the one who kept ripping through the rags midfield first game of the season ?
txiki is seen as probably one of the best DOF in the business,with his work at barca and here, as for pere guardiola, really ?

im marking you down as a wum, a clueless one at that
each to their own but imo Pep/Mansour are the reasons why some or a lot of people think he`s the best DOF
Rico will play in Mid in the future and Stones, Walker, Akanji, Gvardiol all drop in the mid to add an extra man.
It's not that black and white.

Well there is that too. But even purely black and white, it was a bit bollocksy.
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