Media Discussion - 2023/24

You’ve missed the bit off at the top where it clearly shows it was words from Alan Smith, a teammate and who played for Arsenal for 18 years. ‘Our’ dressing room was appropriate because he was talking about the time they were in ‘their’ dressing room together.

That's wrong. The quote ended already.
Bloody SSN did it again, they decided to run a best young players at the Euros piece which seems to be all about Bellingham (I turned it off again as I really couldn't be arsed), I put the news up on the computer only to see that Foden is "defending" his right to be in the team playing alongside the great Jude Bellingham. Just GTF Sky.
Shearer and Lineker discuss how Kane helped England without touching the ball against Serbia

If that was Erling ffs

This annoyed me during the game. They made a point to talk about how he only needed a touch where the ball goes in the back of the net.

Sky Sports regularly had graphics up to count Haalands touches in games this season.

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