Media Discussion - 2023/24

From BBC...

Ferdinand - "The current balance of the team is not allowing the players to reach the levels that they have done for clubs. Phil Foden is out of position and not playing his best, maybe Jude Bellingham would be better playing at number eight. It is a big concern."

"On the balance of England's midfield, Ferdinand added: "I would put Declan Rice in the six, Jude Bellingham in the eight running from deep and Phil Foden in the free role as the 10. I think that is how you will get the best of these players."

More faces than the Town Hall clock, this bloke.

Happy to go along with the hysteria about Bellingham, when things are going well, then reverts to what everyone with a brain is saying, when we put in that performance last night.

Yeah and the cream fest about Trent playing in midfield soon dried up
20 years ago when the rags were the dominant club, did you want Rooney, Beckham, Scholes, Wio to do well, because I didn't, I was hoping they broke their legs, when Beckham was sent off against the Argies in the WC I was the happiest man alive.

Club football will always be No1 in England and thank the lord it is.
Amen to that.

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