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8 Jan 2010
Think he was a shareholder in the early days and may well have a golden handcuffs type contract. I agree he's a waste of space, I hardly ever listen because the majority of the content is rag/dipper related and most of the presenters are thick as fuck.


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16 Jun 2008
Leicester (ex pat Alty)

I've posted over the years about my disdain for our UK sports media in similar vein to other Blues in this thread and my incredulity at its attempts to hawk anything from misleading opinions to downright barefaced lies about our club.

But today's a new one for me. Let me explain.

Coming away from the ground last night to Piccadilly, our group (consisting of Old Gits like me to younger school/university kids) talked about what we'd just witnessed.

We came to a general conclusion that, whatever our ages, City's performance was probably the best any of us had ever seen (and for me that's since 1959!).

This conclusion was based on how the team played from minute one; how it dealt with the challenges PSG posed, one of the most technically gifted sides on the planet; how the team (and most notably Walker, Rodri and Bernardo) coped with the abilities of PSG's 'Three Kings', each of whom could kill any team given a moment's space, no matter how well or badly their team is playing; how City responded (on and off the pitch) to going a goal behind (as my sister put it, 'They were like a band of brothers.. unlike PSG, as good as they are'); and especially how the crowd responded throughout the game to what the team was doing on the pitch - with so many staying behind to applaud the lads off the pitch when Kyle Walker led the team to all four corners of the ground.

There has been the odd article today which has praised City's performance, let's be fair. And this has made for good reading, especially after MOTD2's similar analysis of City's qualities last Sunday.

But the majority of pundits and articles have followed the click-bait route and 'analysed' last night's events through the twin lenses of 'Why Poch should go to OT' and 'Weren't PSG useless?', ignoring the breathtaking intensity, skill and thought City showed in winning the game last night.

These people could have had, for once, a free hit against the usual anti-City garbage they produce. A chance to write/say something that would enable them, in the future, to counter our criticisms of them and point out 'Ah but look at what we said about City here..'

But they turned the chance down. They're even more gormless than I thought.
In the early days of our CL campaigns, Blues would rather stay away or Booooo the UEFA jingle. The press loved this as they could continue to jizz over the "special European nights" at the swamp and Clanfield, without ever having to write about a "special" night at City. It kept us in our cage, kept us at arms length and suited their agenda. Very few bothered to investigate the reasons behind our disdain for UEFA, simply because they couldn't care less. We played into their hands, shrugged and said fuck UEFA.

We could win domestic trophy after trophy, but we'd never have those special nights enjoyed by the red shirt UEFA dahlings. Since reaching the final and establishing ourselves as an elite ever-present CL club, the danger now is we might just piss on their parade and we might just have some "special" Euro nights for ourselves. So, the slagging off of our fanbase begins. It is now gathering pace, it will be incessant and deliberate...and funny as fuck.

Porto was our first real taste of CL success and will live with me forever. Last night was up there with Hamburg for me and there will be many more to come.

I'm convinced this team will lift the trophy in our twin town, absolutely convinced. The team are ready and so are the fans.

So suck it up you rabid tabloid tossers. Suck the fucker up in spades.
And kindly fuck off.


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18 Feb 2017
He did and immediately followed it up with "Frankenstein Club" and "I have issues with their ownership"
I dont like Jordan and his preaching but it was Sir James Shite that brought up the Frankenstein jibe. Jordan responded to him

Bonzo Nododo

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19 Sep 2021
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The Only Football to come from Manchester or anywhere
tbf, it is a forum!
Whilst you are tbfing in this forum are you also suggesting that l made up how the BBC continues to report on our club with their childish manner of treating City as if they do not exist or minimising any thing City do?
Or less euphemistically, that I am lying?


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19 Oct 2010
Patronising, condescending twat
Whilst you are tbfing in this forum are you also suggesting that l made up how the BBC continues to report on our club with their childish manner of treating City as if they do not exist or minimising any thing City do?
Or less euphemistically, that I am lying?
I don’t think you’re lying, no.

Two reasons:

1. You strike me as a honest person, based on your posting output, but that could be an illusion, of course.

2. The BBC is biased against us. And I’m about as unparanoid as it’s possible to be btw.

All day.

Think there’s lots of bollocks posted on here about how we’re dealt with by the establishment within football. Think the PL views us as a plus, for example.

But there’s no doubt the BBC, especially online, is biased against City.

Think it’s a disgrace


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31 Oct 2010
BT are a fecking disgrace. Watched the recording tonight. Honestly, their commentary last night was the worst it's been for yonks.
PSG were apparently the Bees Knees, The Cats Whiskers and the Dogs Dodahs all rolled into one.

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