Michael Oliver to referee Leicester game

Colin Bells Boots

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31 May 2016
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Let's face it there is one decent referee in the whole of the Premier League. What I want to know is PGMOL going to do about the poor decisions given be these so called professional referee's. Has anyone of them been taken of theie list. To the best of my knowledge not one.

The only reason PGMOL is there is to protect the ref's. they can have bad game after bad game but PGMOL would still do nothing. they will use the excuse the VAR will correct any bad decisions they have made.

They don't have bad games for the likes of the rags and dippers , that is the main focus for PiGMOL .

Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

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9 Mar 2007
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Worst of the lot.

I've come to the conclusion that there isn't a 'worst of the lot'. They are all equally execrable. The variation is in their personal approach. Mike Dean, for example, is just the last word in arrogance. I think when he retires he expects to be made into the Pope or some member of a European royal house. Jonny Moss is the refereeing equivalent of Billy Bunter turning out for Barcelona. Kavanagh and a few others take refuge in the two cards they carry, especially if one of the managers or backroom staff would like an explanation for what would appear to be a raft of inexplicable decisions or clear un-evenhandedness - pen at one end, fuck all at the other. I thought that when the likes of Styles, Dowd, Poll, 'n Walton fucked off we might see a rise in the quality of arbitration, but nothing of the kind has emerged. PiGMOL must know that the performances are generally sub-standard and think that having screwed a team over they can simply offer an apology some weeks later. I wonder why they don't try to emulate the quality of VAR in cricket.


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4 Nov 2007
I will never forget or forgive his game he played for the Rags when he refused to give at least three nailed on pens but then had to finally give us one and send Neville off?

I hope I got that right and not contradicted my opening sentence lol fucking memory :)


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22 May 2004
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I used to rate Oliver when he first came on the scene but his performance in in the League Cup Final of 2016 against the Dippers certainly changed my mind. Just as bad (if not worse) than the rest now.
Me too.

His first FA cup game at The Swamp where he sent Dobby off and booked other rags for pisstaking. I thought maybe there is a change coming?

Turns out he's a company man. I remember Tyler admitting during one of our games when discussing a rule change with the bottler before the game and he told him. "We have to protect the product on the pitch."

His wife refs the women's league as well. Probably the same mindset.

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