Nevizade Street - 1 year ago today

Wow...what a night we ferking voice husky next day from the singing.....they ran out of beer and I still laugh at them pushing extra barrels of beer up the road...I did warn them! Have some great videos and photos of us all enjoying a great night.
Fucking ace that. What a place Istanbul was, didn’t understand people saying it was a shit hole. It’s just old as fuck, but the place was seeping with culture. Turks were lovely, the food was incredible and Nevizade on the Friday night gave a lot of us one of the best nights we’ll ever experience. If it weren’t for the shit stadium, it would be a 10/10 host City.
I loved Istanbul and would definately go back. The only downside for me was the horrendous traffic! My hotel was superb, the people were very hospitable (I got back to the hotel at about 3am ish on the Saturday find a cake in my room with “Congratulations” on it.

The taxi driver who took me back to the airport asked if I had been on a boat trip. I said no I didn’t have time. He took me on a car ferry which was about a half hour boat journey, went into the onboard shop and bought me a coke and then we sat and had a chat about our grandkids. As I said earlier I didn’t go to this party on the Friday as not really my cup of tea so stayed in Sultanahmet, had a wonder around and then ate in a restaurant and had a few drinks around there.

I was not sure about going to this game but about 2 weeks before I just knew I had to be there and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. It was just a magnificent experience. The joy on everyone’s faces at the end of the game was just incredible.
Still got my pictures saved on my mobile.

There might be some duplicate pictures. Just uploaded the lot. Not got time through them. Pictures split over 2 posts.













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