Nevizade Street - 1 year ago today

Still got my pictures saved on my mobile.

There might be some duplicate pictures. Just uploaded the lot. Not got time through them. Pictures split over 2 posts.

That's our table early doors on Friday. The ginger is one of my lads. I'm sitting opposite
We got a taxi back to our hotel at 06:30 and there were traffic jams at that time on a Sunday morning! We couldn't have celebrated in a better place, it was lawless!!!
Yeah, was a brilliant and mental place. I left Istanbul 2 weeks later and nearly missed my flight home due to to traffic jams at 5.30 on a Sunday morning.:)
We undoubtedly had the worse hotel in istanbul but that only adds to the incredible memories we have of the trip we were some of the lucky ones got back to the street at 2.30 having got a taxi driven by an extra from death race 2000 got to bed after light just the most wonderful trip didn't get home until Tues morning, did all the tourist stuff Monday and was well worth it.

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