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5 Dec 2008
Must win the Burnley and West Ham games, goes without saying.

Liverpool is a free hit, we always do shite there, avoid defeat and we're laughing, win and that might be the signal for the rest of the contenders.

Spurs will be tough, they're in the hunt for top 4, could probably do with them having a couple of poor results before hand, starting at Chelsea on Thursday. Kane being out will make it a slightly easier game.

Arsenal play Benfica either side of use, starting with the away leg first, thats their best shot of Champions League football, so they may have an eye on that. Should be beating them.

United have a decent run before us but I said after the Sheffield United result that this is where I expect them to start tailing off. Dropped points to Arsenal, they'll drop points in 1 of their next 2 vs Southampton and Everton and they also have Chelsea away before us. We'll end any half chance they have left.

I'd take:
Burnley (A) - Win
Liverpool (A) - Draw
Tottenham (H) - Win (Maybe a Draw if we play well)
Arsenal (A) - Win
West Ham (H) - Win
Man Utd (H) - Draw

12-14 points in this fashion and I think we'll see it out.

I made this prediction at the end of Jan, feels likes we've played 40 games since then, let alone 5 out of the 6 predicted above. Exceeded my expectations.
23 Jan 2017
Before the international break we play:

Wolves (H)
Man Utd (H)
Southampton (H)
Fulham (A)

I'd be happy with 10 points but we should be looking to get all 12.


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5 Jul 2010
Not that worried about Liverpool. Spurs were horrible and Liverpool’s upcoming month is maybe even tougher than ours, taking their CL opponents into consideration. They don’t have the luxury that they can rotate with a huge drop in quality either. I do believe that the league is more or less won by us when February is over.
Just felt the need to quote myself today :)


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14 Jan 2009
These next 2 games are massive in my opinion. Win both and we go 17 points clear before they play West Ham.

Then it's a couple of weeks off from the Premier League, hopefully Sergio will be in a position to start the games in the CL and FA Cup and he'll kick on from then. Not too arsed about the cups, nice bonus if we win them....just get the league wrapped up as soon as possible.

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