NFL 2023-24

Another defeat for Washington at Seattle. Fed up reading about how Sam Howell QB is doing this and that. He is promising but we need a defence.
Looking at the schedule and games v Cowgirls x2, 49ers and Dolphins I’m going for a 6-11 season.
Another good win for the Lions in LA. Bit worrying how they still look so vulnerable against good qb's but play offs and a high seed is a serious possibility now. Think they have a very good chance of winning 12/13 games now.
josh allen isnt getting anywhere near as much criticism as he should be getting

He can have some off me. I had an acca on 6 outcomes on the Sunday games. £2 would have won me £100. 5 had already won, so it came down to Josh Allen last night. I just needed 2 passing TD. He got 1 the stupid prick. Cost me the cash….
After the first 5 mins, it looked like the Browns were heading for a dry bumming at the Ratbirds, but turned it around for a great win. If we can beat the Steelers next Sunday, then could be in good shape for the division as the rest of the schedule is not daunting.
All my life I’ve had Favre and Rodgers. Life after them isn’t the same. Packers turning into the rags.
josh allen isnt getting anywhere near as much criticism as he should be getting
All we hear is that he's big and strong, etc etc. Won't be long before his mobility is knocked out of him and then all you are left with it is the ability to throw bucket fulls of Interceptions each season.

This Season he has 19 TDs and 11 Interceptions.

If I was the Bills Mgmt, I'd be looking to Trade, free up the Salary cap and get ready to Trade-up in the Draft in 2024 when 2-3 really good QB prospects will be available.

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