Phil Foden to leave England camp


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20 Oct 2008
Not good behaviour at all and typical of the current generation of fuck wits.
If I was Pep and send him to Grimsby on loan for 2 months and confiscate his phone laptop and wallet.
These people think they are untouchable.


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2 May 2016
I'm not on about fucking up.

I'm on about cheating on a partner when having a child with them.

At 20 I had a child and was in a long term relationship, I didn't choose to cheat and I think it's a shit thing to do.

Just because others have done it who were older means jack.
Fair play to you, at 20 years of age you had far more maturity then me. You were settled an had a kid, by contrast when I was 20 years of age I was a clown. When I was 22 years old I spent months fucking about South and Central America. Washed up in Bogota, stayed with a air hostess for a week an at the end of it she told me she had HIV, I got so lucky, went back home got my doctorate and since my early 30's I've been married, with a kid an never been anything but a solid husband and father.

But that week in Columbia could fucking ruined everything. I got lucky, last week foden and greenwood didn't and in truth a lot people have near misses like that.


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24 Dec 2006
Down Under
Who or what he invites back to his room Pre or post-Covid is nobody’s business but his own, his girlfriend’s & Possibly his family’s, as long as it’s consented.
When on international duty I think it's the managements business who he has in his room.
If players are allowed to sort of order girls in, like deliveroo, it could turn into one huge sex party.

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