Phil Foden to leave England camp


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9 Aug 2009
Really disappointed to see this news.

He's just made is debut and has posted on Instagram about how it was a dream come true. But then he's gone and done this. Really silly and whilst he's young, it's still a real shame to see.

We're obviously such big fans of Phil and he's living our dream for us. This is going to really put him back. Had the world at his feet, was destined for the Euro squad next summer and now he's put it all at risk.

Pep will slaughter him too.


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29 Apr 2012
We dont know the full story yet
I've not said what I'm condemning him for to be fair, but he has to be careful, no matter what he's actually doing, he has to realise every move will be watched and observed. And don't forget the British press is perverse and dying for a reason to have a go at anyone with a bit of money and fame! Maybe it's a case of wrong place wrong time but you cannot give these cunts a chance

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