Phil - Scapegoats and witch hunts

Just drop Foden, at least he won't get the blame when England crashes out of the tournament.

Lets see how far the fans' "fuck him we don't need him" thinking gets England.
No not a wind up. And it does need people to meet me half way which will never happen I know, but media influence over team and squad selection is a thing. The media hate City. Foden failure sells. Simple as. No conspiracy,. just the way things go.
Ok mate.
I scratch my head when I read the headlines around Phil.
He was voted the Player of the Year by reporters yet they are quick to blame him if England don't smash a team.
The premier league, English trophies, European trophies and club world cup games all add up. Phil played 56 games last season (including England games), Jude played 45 in total and I'm sure this has an effect on players.
Phil is the best player in the Premier League last season because he played in a position where he can do his best damage. He didn't play out of position (like he did for England) so therefore people should wait until he plays in his natural position and then the comparisons can be made.
Plus the vast majority of games played by Bellingham for Real Madrid are easy domestic matches in much less pressurised fixtures. In fact it is even easier for Real since Barca's collapse. Phil went to the last two games with City in the PL and the FA Cup as well as the CL. There is no comparison.
Not sure about all this noise about him being played on the left. For most of our games, he DID play on the left.

I imagine it's more to do with the fact that international football is much more direct. I honestly don't think he'll thrive in an England setup regardless of where he plays. Don't think it's his fault, just unrealistic expectations. He's better in a team that is possession based.
Not last season he didn't, until Kev's return.

Previous seasons he did play on the left, but there were question marks over his consistency. There were some of us even wondering if he'd ever live up to the potential. All that doubts were wiped away last season when he played in the middle in Kev's absence.

Phil will not play at his full ability on the left, his natural game just doesn't suit it. Southgate asking a dominantly left footed player to invert from the left and continue to do his playmaking is just awkward, not just for Foden, even Mahrez will struggle doing that. To add to that, Southgate supports him with another wrong-footed LB in Trippier, who's inclined to cut in, so there's no width on the left.

IMO if Foden is asked to drift into the middle and do his playmaking, at least he has to be on the right wing. Best of course he's played in the middle.
Hoddle left Gazza out and got crucified. Same with Beckham, media campaign to get him included Then he got us knocked out of the WC.

Rashford has been part of the England setup for years, Maguire too would have been there - You think they're both good enough over the last few years? They deserve it over other players in the PL who dont play for utd? Why are mid table utd having more to do with the england setup than say Brighton players? If you think that isnt media and pundit influence then you are nieve.

TAA in midfield has been a thing City did for years, lfc do it and its revolutionary, their fans, our pundits have been talking about it on and off since then. You not noticed that? Where do you think Southgate got the idea from ?

And to highlight it, why does someone like Miley not get into the squad above Mainoo? I mean their stats show he's been better but southgate took him? I can only think that its media influence.

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I am convinced the media has a great deal to do with selecting who goes, who even plays.

Why do United have more players than Brighton in the squad? Probably because the English players at Brighton are Danny Welbeck, James Milner and Solly March.
Why do United have more players than Brighton in the squad? Probably because the English players at Brighton are Danny Welbeck, James Milner and Solly March.
Some mighty hole he’s digging.
I don't think there is any scapegoat with Phil.

He's been the best player in the Premier League last season and that brings high expectations. If you don't reach them expectations then quite rightly you will be criticised for it.

Yes there are reasons why he doesn't produce for England like he does for City (who does?) but he has to find a way no matter how many barriers are in his way.

It's part and parcel of being one of the best footballers in the world and he will find a way as he's just too good not to.
Im a huge fan of Foden. The more so as hes homegrown and at City all his life.

The fact that he was voted POTY gives expectations. And tbh Foden has so far not been able to live up to these expectations in an England shirt. Even in CL games he has not excelled like the domestic ones.

So part of the criticism he gets I understand. Thats the expectation part of it. And him being a City player doesnt help when its public opinion feeded by the media.

Foden can play central. But Bellingham taking everything away from pretty much everyone doesnt help. He can also play both wings but has done do in a City team. And that’s completely different to an England team. With Bellingham.

Than again I expect Foden to show more of himself and I doubt Southgate will drop him straight away. Tactical reasons are an easy hiding place. And Im not sure Southgate is able to find the right formula to play both Foden and Bellingham together. Playing TA in midfield to me shows he cant.

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