PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

Stefan interview yesterday has 350.000 views while other talksport video have around 15.000 views at best.

What he said was huge and alot of people will see this for it really is maybe not Liverpool fans but other intelligence people.
It is my opinion that this yesterday is the best thing that has happened to City and telling there side of things since this thing happened 2018 with DER Spiegel.
I cannot believe Jordan this morning saying “ I think City have a case to answer” based on what Mr Jordan you know nowt. Based on what you would like to believe as no one knows what evidence of alleged wrong doing there is and certainly no one knows City’s defence to such allegations so him pontificating is just pure wishing it is so BS
I understand that the PL (and the pressure from certain clubs) have threw these charges at us, which basically accuse people who run our club and multi national companies to which these companies then deal with other huge multi national companies all over the world on various projects - but that PL are saying they have actually committed serious fraud on accounts

If and when we get cleared, surely our owners and the people within our club they are accusing would have to sue the PL for damages - wouldn't they

Like PD said on the talksport interview, regardless of which way this goes. The ramifications are huge and game changing
If the PL fails to prove their case, could there be a call for Richard Masters to publicly state why he pursued this line of action despite having little to no new evidence?
In other words, was undue pressure put on the PL to proceed with these charges?
If yes, then by whom?
He‘ll simply be pensioned off like all the charmed sorts who head up these quangos and regulatory bodies and display absolute incompetence and inability to do their jobs, without ever being called to account.
He’ll be off to some lovely cottage in the country with a copper-bottomed enormous pension and never heard from again.

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