PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

So what do we think is going on with Everton's points deduction? I can't see any reason for the delay in the appeal decision unless it's something strategic.

Everton appealed on December 1, that is nearly 3 months ago now. If the PL wants all matters for 2022/23 settled before the end of the season, they need to get a move on. But they can't speed up the process now without claims that they aren't treating the other (Forest and second Everton) charges seriously, or, at least, in accordance with precedent. Seems to me they are trapped between a huge rock and an incredibly hard place of their own making.

Whatever they do, there will be an enormous shit-storm, is my guess. Shame.
What about the sponsorship money that Liverpool get from Standard Chartered Bank- fined millions for money laundering and banking countries/ businesses that are currently sanctioned. Nobody mentions this?
Small note but they weren’t fined for money laundering. They were fined for poor money laundering controls.

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