Places to Watch City in... Requests/Recommendations Thread

That’s brilliant thanks mate. I get there around midday so that’s my first port of call.
You won’t believe how many hours I’ve spent researching bars that may show football. It’s a cultural desert ;)
If not on... then I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction.
Good luck!
Let me know how you get on!
Are there any Austrian based blues here who will be watching this game in Vienna? I have a friend over there at the moment who wants to know where the best place to watch the game will be. Thanks for any help
If you know of a good place to watch City in Vienna please be sure to tag in @blue whippet.
Any recommendations for Llandudno please? It will be the Cup Final so appreciate anywhere will have a complement of rags….
Kings Arms on Mostyn Street has some tellies in there, no idea if it will be Rag Central though.

Oh and it's not the biggest, so get in early would be my top tip
I’d like to add the Sports Bar Fiori in Shinjuku in Tokyo. The OSC meet there from time to time apparently.

Might be good to remove the first two from the listing as well as I have heard (not experienced myself) they are now slightly less than 100% welcoming to Blues.
Got spare seats on the sofa, 70" TV, couple of cases of beer, a two-six of JD and Southern Comfort if anyone is near Lumby, Canada....

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