Places to Watch City in... Requests/Recommendations Thread

For anyone in Edinburgh the OSC guys now meet up in the Alhambra on Leith Walk next to a tram stop .
Owner has some good City memorabilia etc on show
Anywhere in Denver? 9am kick off....I have got my fire stick but would love to find a city pub to watch the game in.
Where’s best in town to watch City? Or does the beehive in Whitefield still get busy for the match?
I live in Salford so all mainly red round here
Got spare seats on the sofa, 70" TV, couple of cases of beer, a two-six of JD and Southern Comfort if anyone is near Lumby, Canada....
If you are throwing in airfare I might be tempted to flog the final ticket and take up that offer :)
Did you find anywhere or can anyone recommend somewhere for tomorrow in or around Albufeira old town?? Thanks as ever!!
Hi mate, I didn't wander down to the Old Town for the game.
I ended up watching it near the strip.
Rockline Sports Bar.
It has a CR7 statue outside, yes, really!!!

I wouldn't bother getting a taxi from the old town there though.

When my son and I went to the final in Porto, the Mrs watched the game in there too, and it was mainly Chelsea and "anyone but City" fans watching too.

Enjoy your holiday mate. We'll be thinking about you pre match sat outside The Waldorf in the sunshine in 24⁰ heat here in Manchester!
Can anyone vouch for the places in Brussels on the original post or know of any other recommendations to watch the cup final in Brussels? Cheers.

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