Premier League Games 17/18/19 September


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4 Nov 2010
Because we haven’t improved as a team in the last 2 seasons

we are still the same gutless, tip a tap approach and no one in the box to finish.

we are the same team that folded and let the dippers win the league.

Last season suited us with lack of fans and our big squad.

Are you ok? After this comment I’m worried about you sanity.


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29 Sep 2016
Just looked at next weeks fixtures
We go to Chelsea 12.30 on Saturday and United home to Villa also at 12.30 on Saturday
Never seen that before


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29 Oct 2008
Most expensive XI ever put out in a Premier league game. Plus the only person of note missing from the matchday squad was Phil.
Im on about the starting 11,it was second rate comparatively speaking.We had a poorly prepared team with most of our best players unfit and/or on the bench.Our front 3 was particularly was most definitely not a line up that reflects our real threat or should be used as a yardstick for the season ahead.


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1 Jan 2015
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Yes and they looked knackered...yet chelsea also played midweek and look like they are fresh. Our fitness simply isn't up to standard.

If we ignore conspiratorial views then lets also look at fucking mane and co in their title winning season. They cruised it and never looked tired and rotated less than any top team in recent memory.

Again, we aint up to the fitness standard it would seem.

Thiago Silva and Havertz didn't play midweek, neither did Kante who played the second half yesterday. Werner came off the bench loads of energy too as he's hardly played this season. Not a crazy amount of rotation but 3-4 players featuring that didn't feature midweek is a decent enough number to refresh the lineup.

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