Rangers Thread - 2023/24

I’m not at all.

Is NEH costs in these figures?

Are the wages for Morelos, McGregor, Arfield, Kent, Helander and Kamara is the wage bill?

I saw the thread on FF but just skipped through it.

I do agree we have been stung with Dessers at £4.5 million!

I’m more concerned at young McCausland not signing the four year deal. Can see him going the same way as Gilmour and Doak
Always the same, we find a good young player and some club steals them for a song.
Brilliant isn’t it. Been there once or twice myself
Not sure brilliant is the word haha

We were away at Loch Tay Lodges with friends. The two women were out in Killin when they got back I was sleeping and my mate had stripped off and jumped in the wood fire hot tub. Wee problem was he hadn’t lit the fire. Of course they recorded all this on phones!! Not a pretty sight!!
How are you feeling about your latest set of disastrous financials? Although I excelled at economics at Uni I must have bribed my results now that I think about it. Bennett trying to say things are great and you are going to be serial winners, after a £250k profit and having pissed away the CL money and the Shirley money, with a bigger wage bill than us going forward, makes me want to call for a Stewards inquiry to get my degree downgraded as I obviously know fuck all.

Unsustainable mate. Now it’s a demand for a player model like ours. The big bluebottle in the ointment is you have heehaw to sell for big money. Not a single ****. You have all of Beales.Bellends on long term deals and no doors at Ibrox will be broken down to buy those pricks.

Conversely, we have circa £100 already in the bank, and a right few players who have potential to bring us in much more.

Me thinks it’s time for another worthless share issue. Is it true you don’t get a certificate for them anymore as the paper is worth more than the shares? Taxi driver told me that.

They better watch themselves or it’s reboot mark 2.

Oh the Bluebell's are blue indeed.
Wow a whole £100 in the bank, I’m sure Rangers are quaking in their boots
Huge game for Rangers today. Probably our most difficult game between now and the New Year. I’d go as far as to say it could be pivotal

Cifu is my big worry. Not seen it from him yet

My biggest worry is the Celtic fan Nick Walsh! Fuck the SFA. Corrupt to the core

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