Roughest grounds you've been too and biggest scraps!

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Manchester33, 20 May 2013.

  1. kippax81


    22 Mar 2009
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    One of my oldest friends was at the beach when it all kicked off. There was a picture of him on the front page of the Times the following day,with the headline "England hooligan confronts riot police". He was dressed in T-shirt,shorts,and flip flops, in front of a line of about 40 coppers dressed as extras in a Star Wars movie. Funny as fuck.(He was actually trying to reason with the police,but don't let the truth get in the way of a sensationalist headline eh?).

    Worst violence I ever saw at an England game was the Euros in 2000. Charleois(sp) v Germany........ mental.Actually witnessed a tabloid reporter trying to pay some pissed up fans to throw bottles as well,just so they could get a picture for the ragtops. Despicable scum of the highest order. (the journos not the fans)
  2. Churchill123


    10 Apr 2012
    Nothing surprises me with journo's! - Absolute filth all of 'em!!
  3. Wasn't just the fans fighting though , was it ?

    It was more than your life was worth to upset Franny!

  4. phil31


    14 Sep 2005
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    Worst ive seen with City was the ladder incident at Oldham, that was mental.

    Worst Ive seen with England was in Poland Katowice in '94.
    Hotel charged and tear gassed by the police. Running riots in the streets. One incident of about 1000 polish charging at another polish mob to see who would take on the english. Police attacking us in the pub with batons. The batons where big white dildo types!!
    Around the ground random fights kicking off everywhere. In the ground full scale riot in the polish end, before attacking the english. Moody few days in Poland before heading off to the civilised world of Norway!!!
  5. canyerdogputoutafire


    11 Feb 2008
    santiago street
    I was there also.may have been the same reporter offering a hundred quid to knock a few chairs and tables around in a bar so his photo boy could take a few shots.
  6. M24-CRC


    27 Oct 2009
    I can also confirm this........various journos offering england fans cash to start trouble........people didn't believe me when we got home.
    There was even 1 journo who was 'physically moved away' by england fans whom he had just offered cash to (suppose he got his trouble LOL).
    We got told by numerous fans that the trouble in the square against Germany was actually started by locals who had been paid. i.e. once a couple of them had thrown a few bottles etc it obviously didn't take much for the england fans to join in ;-).
    It was different on the following tuesday when we played Romania though.......england fans playing football in the same square against both Romania fans and the police. there was a band playing and england fans dancing with the locals and generally having fun. Journos were all round the square on top of the surrounding buildings waiting with there cameras for the trouble to start........alas their editors were very disappointed.
    One BBC camera man was asked why he wasn't filming the football/dancing etc.....his reply was his boss had said it wasn't news worthy, they were only interested in filming trouble.
  7. bainy


    19 Oct 2004
    sheffield 73:47
    city lad got slashed that night on one of the coaches.
    1st ground i ever seen chips in that night!!!
    They didnt like alex in net - bunch of bastards!!
  8. jimharri


    30 Dec 2007
    The back of beyond
    Should it concern us that you are aware of such items? Unless you are a laydee, in which case; as you were!
  9. 117 blue

    117 blue

    12 May 2013
    Definitely agree with this. Spurs away about 1974/75 was the worst i've seen. The coaches parked on Broadwater Farm and after the game while we were queing to get back on a large mob of Spurs attacked us (the coach drivers locked the doors, bastards). Carnage for about 30-40 minutes like i'd not seen before or since. Half our coach had bad injuries including one lad with a split in his skull I can still remember now. After spending a few hours at North Middlesex hospital we eventually got back to Manchester about midnight. Rembember the home game later in the same season and Spurs got a right kicking in the Kippax, fuckin deserved it as well.
  10. I was on those coaches that day ..... no coppers were around at the time ...... as you say , the coach driver deliberately shut the doors on a number of us as Spurs yobs arrived at the coaches , they weren't kids either , and about ten of us were forced to scarper up the street , and around a corner , but i think they had caught one City lad and were attacking him in a building doorway near the coaches ........ some of our group then clobbered some (unrelated) passing Spurs fans in retaliation , even though they'd done nothing wrong , and then we set about arming ourselves with anything we could find to return to the coaches ...... we could see the Spurs yobs waiting near the coaches for us to return , but we didn't have a choice , we HAD to get back , and we were forced to take the fight to them.

    As we drew closer to them we pelted them with everything we had , and just at that very moment two motor cycle cops finally came haring around the corner from behind us , and forced us back against a wall ....... they then radioed for help and the Spurs fans were forced back down the street , away from the coaches , enabling us to return to them.

    I remember one particular City fan on the coach being in a really bad way , probably the one that they had caught .... he was concussed, amongst other things , and had to dropped off at a local hospital.

    That was a nasty little incident that was , and it overshadowed the game itself , which had finished in a 2-2 draw.

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