Sheffield United (H) - Post-Match Thread

Kenward Garg

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6 Sep 2019
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I was waiting to see Foden and kev on at the same time and with Mahrez in the middle it really gave us an unpredictable edge again.

Much prefer Mahrez in that position.

Sterling really needs to knuckle down and get the basics right again though. His touch has completely deserted him.

In regards to your last point he looks tired. Maybe needs some rest at Everton.


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27 May 2004
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Poor first half but we got a bit of luck (goal deservedly stood as ref didnt actually touch it)and we looked a lot more settled in the second half. Interesting switch by Pep....will we see it in the future again?
Great finish by a half fit Kun -but thats the difference he gives many other players dont take that chance.
KDB again ran himself into the ground.
Zinchenko - althought not great he is more solid than Mendy and Angelino
Walker again running his bollocks off regardless

Special mention Gundogan who i call out a lot but his touch(es) in the middle of the park directly ledtothe second goal -

bravo's kicking was poor and put us under pressure a number of times.
Garcia is no worse than Ottomendi - and better with the ball at his feet - should get more game time (will takea bit of time to seeif he has what it takes tomake it as a permanent fixture in the starting 11)

Rodri was poor in the first half, giving the ball away a number of times carelessly which is un-characteristic of him, better in the second. Ferna his usual battling self

Think Kun equaled Henrys goal total today which just shows how good he is (for me Henry was the best forward Ive ever seen ever though others like Shearer scored more)

Mahrez is frustrating - probably the best touch and control of any player in the squad - flashes of brilliance but disappears from the game for too long at times

Pep easily the quickest manager to 100 wins in the prem.

3 much needed points and hopefully a psychological lift after the wolves game


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4 Jun 2009
Good win against a very decent Sheffield Utd side. Little lucky but I don't care 3 points is all that matters. Garcia was excellent and Mahrez really shone in the 2nd half. Another brilliant goal by Kev and Kun showed his class with a quality finish.
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4 Feb 2010
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PEP I understand why Sheffield United are in the position they are in the table and only lost one game away so far - they have incredible physicality. In the first half we had problems but in the second we were much much better.


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1 Aug 2011
Don't let the result distract you from the fact we were shit for the vast majority of that game, and thank god for the referee's intervention because we hadn't created a sniff before that got handed to us.
Ok, thanks. I won’t. I don’t suppose you held your hand up for calling it wrong?

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