Spurs (A) - Post-Match Thread


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4 May 2011
8 games, 10 goals scored, 11 conceded.

14th in the list of number of goals scored. The difference between the best attack (Chelsea) and us is 12 goals.
7th in the list of number of goals conceded. The difference between the best defence (Spurs) and us is only 2 goals.

Pretty obvious where the problem is.
When was the last time we got to the byline for a cutback for a player coming in to score, this was our stock move and was successful but we’ve stopped doing it, why.? Players? Manager’s tactics?

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29 Oct 2010
Rusholme with Love
That was a fantastic performance from Spurs.

In short, they used the "how to beat City" blueprint and executed it to absolute perfection.

The worrying element for me is that when the opposition plays in that way, we have no "way around it".

The best teams always "find a way" and will try other things. We dont. We just stick to the same old thing.


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21 May 2013
Well that was a bag of fucking nails.

All you Gundagun haters who you going to call out now???

Let me tell you Rodri is fucking wank, said it 12 months ago he fucking hides & cant fucking run

Harry Kane was world class tonight without scoring, Rodri not once got near him

Rodri was like a rabbit in the headlights fucling awfull AGAIN!!!

Don't get me started on Mahrez another player stealing a living, he has to go along with Rodri & Mendy nothing more sure

I don't get how a manager can moan about 5 subs yet never uses 2 quick enough

We have just given the manager a fat 2 year extension he now needs to get it sorted, we are carrying 5-6 players inc Bernardo on current last 12 months Rodri, Mahrez, Mendy, Zinchenko, Stones & even Bernardo

Dino & Aguero finishing both need to show they can be given extensions

Ederson, what is it with him in these games just crazy performance today

Same old shit at both ends just not fucking good enough

City could be struggling 4 top 4 come April nevermind winning the league we are miles away

Anyone also think Kev's performance was again average??

Another Saturday night sulking it doesnt get easier, we are all quick to slag OGS off yet the cnuts will be above us


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15 Jul 2015
Having looked at the movement of the ball on the handball, I'm not sure when the contact with the arm came. Watch the ball, in the first change of direction it moves up, then outwards suggesting it hit the knee first. That said, it hit the arm at some point, what part of the arm though? The rules aren't clear enough, obviously.

I knew Dean was going to rule that out no matter what he saw though.


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18 Aug 2005
We all know the squad needs a major overhaul.

Pep also needs to change otherwise he won't be around to manage us next season.

The game has gone well beyond his game plan now.


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12 Jul 2008
The fact that he looks ok in isolation doesn't mask the problem his inclusion creates. I actually quite like him, think he's a decent player. Just not for us
He’s an enigma I accept. He can be very good at breaking up attacks and starting them but is sometimes easy for the other team to play through him when he’s the only defensive midfielder. Probably why we’ve seen so much of him and Gundogan together.

long gone are the days of Fernandinho with DeBruyne and Silva pressing high, winning the ball back and creating chances.


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17 Jul 2011
Just north of the Golden Gate Bridge
Something has to change, we have some brilliant players but this isn't working and it's not a one off. I really think we need a fresh start and a new way of playing Pep needs to figure it out and make the necessary changes. It was bound to happen that teams would figure out our way so now it has to change for me. The players have the intelligence to adapt. I worry the longer this goes on the more the players lose confidence and the worse it will get.
We are not playing like nor do we appear to be one of the top four sides in England. Suddenly it hit me that CL next season is a real risk. It’s “early” and three of our eight matches have been against sides better than we are, I realize. But we already know most sides are going to run the same blueprint Spurs did and some will be successful. It’s a horrible trap Of our own making — it takes time and mistakes in real matches to innovate. I’m not sure we have the cushion to wander in the desert while we figure it out. I’m no expert but whenever we’ve looked unstoppable the last decade under Mancini or Pellegrini or even Hughes it’s been when we’ve had wing pace or run FB overlaps to spread out those packed penalty areas. We effectively never do that now — the outside players like Mahrez, Sterling and Bernardo rely on trickery but defenders key in on them and we don’t make them make hard choices — defending the man with the ball or a runner? Plus it was fun to watch. We didn’t score today and had to rely on a moment of brilliance by Jesus to score against Liverpool. We can’t score against weaker sides either. Defending us seems to be “play man to man and hope they fail to do something special as individuals.” And it’s working.

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