Spurs (A) - Post-Match Thread


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11 Mar 2012
East London
Possession...I don't want even to comment on it
10 corners to their 0, yes nil
22 shots to their 3, even 5-2 going to goal
They had the least number of counter-attacking attempts in the last 5 years, but I would say even going further back, when playing us
Made so many right positional moves including moving into their box.....AND THEN!!!!!!!!!

We've failed tonight where we've been failing for the last 15 months, quite a few players are just gone when it comes to their form and Pep - fortunately for him - have no more hair to lose about this one. There is just to much of coincidence Arteta leaving and players dropping off catastrophically.
Bernardo is gone, he metamorphosed from an excellent utility attacking player to a luxury player and now into full formed redundant player. His 'results on the pitch' value is like 5 mil at best.
Mahrez is currently on the second stage of the same cycle, he is still trying at least, but I see no remedy there
KdB is playing with this puzzled look on his face of a player in search for his long lost form, 'where, why, how......"
Raheem is following him closely rummaging through the shatters of his form
Jesus...I am just afraid he is closer to another injury than another goal trying so hard at everything and considering his injury and effort I might be hard on him
The rest are just followers sinking into this pool of mediocrity.

I know he wont say this, but I would like him to say in the after after match presser, 'we did everything right to the final ball and that's my job done, but my players proved to me they are shit right now and I am not sure what to do about it.'


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3 Jun 2009
4 points behind Southampton just about sums us up this season. Everyone knows Mahrez is offering very little but Pep is the guy picking the team, dropping Foden always seems to be his easy option. I actually thought our defense was looking better but today we looked like last season , Ederson was shocking today.

If I was Messi Id stay where I was


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14 Aug 2013
I don't understand when people continue to say this. What do you want Pep to do, if a team sits back and puts 10 in their half, what is the alternative method of playing that you suggest to get passed that? Spurs were always going to play that way against us, and it really comes down to who scores first. Today they did, next time it'll be us and the result will be different.

Draw them out. They are at home. If they don’t want to push up let’s take the point and nil nil and thank you very much.
We are so predictable.

Jam Tomorrow

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10 Feb 2013
Reasons to be cheerful, parts one, two, three.
1. twenty eight more points and we‘re safe.
2. see one.
3. see two.


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18 Jan 2009
Performances haven’t been good enough I agree , just get fed up with the “Pep out” brigade ,,, I wonder how long some of them have been supporting City ... Maybe I’m angry and just fancy a row ;)
People are calling a spade a spade. We are 10th, soon to be 11th, on merit. It’s not surprising people aren’t happy with that and that they might question the manager. Any other manager would be under serious pressure right now. You also have to remember it isn’t just this season. It’s over a year now that we’ve been nowhere near good enough.


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23 Jan 2012
Valley of the Shadows
Panel have just hit the nail on the head regarding Rodri

He is a passenger and not what is needed for a position that is paramount for how we play both attacking and defending

Fernandinho's replacement he is not

city saint

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17 Jan 2009
messi is going to have to hit the ground running in jan to keep us up this year

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