Spurs (A) - Post-Match Thread


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9 Feb 2006
chedle en le hum
same shit Different game. Sit back soak up the pressure counter.
As simple as that. So many on here saying they parked the bus. Well 1, so what if they did, they won. But more importantly 2, it isnt parking the bus, its picking us to pieces tactically.


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13 May 2011
I don't understand when people continue to say this. What do you want Pep to do, if a team sits back and puts 10 in their half, what is the alternative method of playing that you suggest to get passed that? Spurs were always going to play that way against us, and it really comes down to who scores first. Today they did, next time it'll be us and the result will be different.
How about two things. One, stop playing Mahrez, he is absolutely fucking useless. Two, if after the first half we are playing badly and losing, don’t wait for the opposition to make the first sub and then go two up, before you start to change things. Both are things everyone is crying out for, yet week in week out the same thing happens.


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7 Nov 2010
Away with the fairies
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Cant talk about others me about 45 years mate, the signs for this season and last are right in front of our eyes really. It’s always this way people were still sticking up for Mark sodding Hughes when he was sacked, it’s the nature of the game with suppporters.

Anyhow for the umpteenth time my assessment of the game.

Pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass oh shit pass pass pass pass oh shit pass pass.
A lot of passing yes , quite a lot of it sideways,, Gareth Barry would fit right in


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25 Jun 2020
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Turn the volume up on your TVs tonight cos there is a massive firework display planned over Trafford tonight when the Rags celebrate going above us


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12 Jul 2008
Utter shite. Slow passing, de bruyne doing a latter years Gerrard impression, Bernardo invisible and Mahrez fulfilling his penchant for dribbling out of play. We're miles off it
I’ve noticed that too.

once per game in his last 3 appearances he has literally ran the ball off the pitch.

an elite footballer who runs the ball off the fucking pitch.

I’m getting wound up thinking about it


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28 Aug 2005
we have to hold our nerve because we are just not finding our form and its painful watching
KDB is so off the pace and looking like he should not be playing. because his role is key to this team and when he is off the forwards are never going to score from crosses out wide with jesus as our striker

the shape and the possession is there ? the defence is ok until they turn off for that split second and we get punished
that is the nightmare and its so city over the past 2 seasons

so even the great KDB should take a lot of the shit to night because when other get the blame like they will
his game is not right something is mega wrong and if he is not happy or playing with a injury then WHY
playing somebody that is not fit or so out of form or not happy its wrong for the team and maybe he needs to be dropped and fight for his place

look am the first one to say never point the finger or out a player but KDB is not he same player we have seen for 4 or 5 seasons ? maybe him being the main player is asking to much ? after losing david silva KDB should have walked up the ladder and take control of this team and put the fear of god into the others

they say KDB is a strikers dream and he is. but everybody has a dip and lose their form and confidence
so its up to the manager to take him out of the game and play phil foden or B.silva in his role

everything was good in the week pep new deal city players scoring at international level and then a right kick in the bollocks tonight


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7 Jan 2009
8 games, 10 goals scored, 11 conceded.

14th in the list of number of goals scored. The difference between the best attack (Chelsea) and us is 12 goals.
7th in the list of number of goals conceded. The difference between the best defence (Spurs) and us is only 2 goals.

Pretty obvious where the problem is.

The club is too slow in anticipating problems.

Loads on here said with Agueros knee injury it will lead to other injury problems with him and as such we need a new striker.


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23 Nov 2010
I don't know where to begin. As soon as Spurs scored you knew it was game over and there is no worse indictment of a team than that. It implies we are gutless and leaderless and I'm sorry to say we are.

We are so easy to play against I would back ANY team in the league to get a result against us at the moment. It's hard to know where to start. Nobody stood out or came out of that game with any credit.

Ederson still let's soft goals in.

Walker still switches off at vital moments.

Cancelo is a square peg on a round hole.

Laporte like Walker switches off.

Dias has just got here so it's wait and see.

Rodri, just not good enough. Too slow, immobile and not tactically aware.

Kev, not firing on all cylinders and looks fucked at times.

Mahrez. Not good enough, has never fitted in here aside from one or two decent performances, too inconsistent.

Bernardo. See Mahrez. One good season out of four says it all. Totally ineffective.

Torres. Just got here, promising signs but young.

Jesus. A more skilful Dickov. Runs about a lot and has a decent goals per game ratio but just short of the level needed o be world class.

Aguero, great when fit but getting no younger, the same for Fern. Foden, plenty of potential but rarely plays. Sterling, hot and cold. All our forwards are too much the same aside from Aguero. Small, lightweight, too easily managed by most defences.

Pep. Keeps on repeating the same tactics when it's obvious they are not working. Points out our possession, chances and how little the opposition created, even when they score with almost every chance.Says we played good, smiles, thanks everybody and walk off.

I am as worried as I've been about our chances of making the top four or challenging for honours since Mark Hughes was here. We have gone backwards and I don't see any cavalry on the horizon.

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