Spurs (H) Post Match Thread


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13 Jun 2013
It's pretty clear that every goal we score will be poured over with a fine tooth comb, looking for any reason to not allow it, while decision that go the other way will just be ignored, like the obvious penalty on Rodri. Zero way that penalty isn't given if it was pretty much any other team


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29 Dec 2007
What’s really struck me watching the first two weeks, and especially today, is that half our squad look like they aren’t close to full fitness yet. KDB and Sterling were both gassed for the last twenty or thirty minutes, Kun wasn't pressing in the second half, Bernardo was a little bit sluggish, Gundo looks like he's carrying an extra 10 pounds. I really wonder if not being able to train at more than half speed during our shambolic preseason tour cost us two points today.
We’re nowhere near full fitness. Which bodes well.

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