The Athletic article on Alfie Haaland and Keane


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12 Jul 2015
Well said David Bernstein in calllng out this horrible coward. I feel the same about him. Very professional of you Roy to injure a fellow pro deliberately and also drop your Irish team mates in it by walking away


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12 May 2011
Very odd comment to think Erling doesn't know all about it, it's his bloody dad and not wanting to downplay his career, it's the one thing more than anything he's remembered for of course he's seen it.

As for Keane, I will admit it's sometimes funny to listen to his rants, especially when he's tearing into united but he shouldn't be anywhere near a media job because of this, but then again you can say that about most pundits, ferdinand, drugs cheat, Shouldn't be on TV, Carragher, spits at kids, Shouldn't be on TV, Evra, kicked a fan, Shouldn't be on TV, Scholes, ginger, Shouldn't be on TV, the list goes on and on.
I love it “Scholes, ginger, shouldn’t be on TV...”


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7 Mar 2005
Perth via Audenshaw
Either way, it is the most despicable act any professional player can inflict on another one.

Haaland didn’t know what had happened, only that Keane had gone down without any foul/challenge. Keane held that spite and bile for ages before committing an assault (it wasn’t a tackle, it was a premeditated assault) on Haaland in the derby...and compounded it by bending down to spit venom after his red card.

While I like to listen to Keane’s analysis of games, players, incidents, that challenge should have been the one that ruined HIS career. Instead, it’s just another in the long lists of red cards and seen as another indication of him being a hard man. It doesn’t take a hard man to go in at knee height with your studs up. That’s COWARDICE!

And, like one of the posters above said, no-one stood up to him and he walked off 100 yards across the field to a standing ovation from 60,000 scum.

That challenge should have resulted in an all out brawl, but the games gone soft, and his reputation protected him from any City players stepping up to address the issue.
I’ve said it before on here, It was embarrassing our players non reaction to the tackle.
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