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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ono, 26 Oct 2010.

  1. BlueHammer85


    13 Oct 2010
    would it have been more entertaining if Haye had knocked him out in the first couple rounds like everyone was pretty much predicting ?

    It went 11 rounds, both boxers were taking punches, both giving it everything they had and both fighting through injury - i dont see what more people could want.
  2. bluemc1


    4 Oct 2012
    Few of us said straight away Haye wasn't moving right and looked plodding
    Then Achilles goes + he goes to see specialist in fight week
    Doesn't take much working out, he went into that fight injured

    If he admits that now could he have some purse withheld or something like that
    A lot of people would've put money on Haye who wouldn't have if they knew he was carrying that bad of an injury
  3. ell


    4 Sep 2008
    South Stand Level 3
    No probably not. But its a fight that shouldn't have happened in the first place. Nobody wanted it until Haye took a swing at the press conference and then they both built it into something it wasn't to get a few PPV buys and fairplay to them for it because it worked. The thought of a rematch is even turning the "casual fans" off, so it cant have been that entertaining for them either.
  4. kinkyblue


    8 Mar 2009

    He was injured, all last week Haye was trying to cancel the fight but sky wouldn't let him

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  5. Metalartin


    15 Jul 2015
    Personally I thought if he needed the money that badly and backed his chances of landing a knockout early then you can sort of forgive him for going ahead with the fight and sympathise with how it turned out but he knew the risks. I didn't think of the betting fans since I never put bets on but the rumour was leaked so there was always a risk of there being something behind it if you're a betting man you pay special attention to stuff like that so they kind of knew the risk too.

    The leak meant Bellew knew he could out manoeuvre Haye all night and stay out of harms way, has to be said Bellews camp are doing damage control trying to say he took Hayes best punches(like shit he did) and injured his hand so that's why he couldn't knock him out. Even when Haye went through the ropes it looked more like Haye dipped low to avoid talking the shot flush and inevitably lost his balance/foot gave way but the towel should have come in 3 round sooner(how long should you give an injured fighter the chance to land that one shot that changes the fight?). It also annoyed me that Bellew tried to buy a few seconds claiming a low blow when it was right on the belt(proper milked it and made a noise like it hit his balls)... the poor guy's crippled allowing you to pick him off and you have the cheek to con the ref on a low blow that never was? Poor form not even allowing him a fair chance when he did land something.
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  6. tweetstreet


    24 Feb 2010
    He doesn't bullshit and Gob-off because everything he says is scripted by Sky and Matchroom. The True Joshua will likely come out in the papers in a year or so. There was a reason Whyte was saying 'be yourself etc' in the build up to their fight.
  7. jay_mcfc


    7 Mar 2006
    8010 posts
    Bellew had two knockdowns, neither of which were from good shots. The final one you could see how awkward Haye's legs were and they ended up buckling under him. Haye took a pounding off him yet he wasn't hurt once and could have taken those punches all night. Bellew's face is more of a mess now and it's a fact he'd have lost comfortably with the achilles injury to Haye. If he fights Wilder or Parker he'll end up in hospital.
  8. leighton


    22 May 2004
    There is a god Barry's gone!!!
    I seen some bullshit that Bellew might well be retiring dont know if it is bullshit or not. Been a joke the sky over load the only reason Sky got the fight on is they must of gave Haye more money as a sweetener for the fight to happen. Also if he was Matchroom it wouldnt of happen. I think Haye if his body holds up will fight again and Idealy in a rematch with Bellew and he will KO him. IF that was Haye v AJ . Haye would of pulled out stating the injury as why because Bellew isnt a heavyweight he took the risk and lost.
  9. oman0115


    9 Dec 2012
    Joshua isn't all that fast. He's a prospect but profiting from a poor HW scene, I think if Fury had a mature head on his shoulders he'd cause AJ all sorts of problems. He's a decent heavyweight Joshua, but robotic. Would just be a top 10 contender in the Lewis, Bowe, Holyfield era...
  10. Blue Til Death

    Blue Til Death

    9 Jan 2013
    Sat on the Blue Moon looking down at the rags
    What is that reason, I would be interested to know, we all have a past, some more unsavoury than others, you say he's scripted but he appears quite articulate to me.. We will find out soon how good he is when he fights Klitschko.. Each to their own but I like him and hope he goes far in the HW division.. As for Whyte, he comes across as a right tool and deserved what he got from Joshua.

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