The David Silva Stand?


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6 Mar 2011
He is already thinking about the day he finishes his City career and only wants to be remembered by the fans for his football. He is a humble man.

Personally I believe a more lasting memorial from the club is needed. Naming one of the pitches at the CFA as they did for Yaya somehow doesn't feel enough.

He will have played more times in the Premier League and Champions League by the time he finishes than any other City player & been at the club for 10 years. He has won 3 League titles already.

I am biased towards my amigo so what do you guys think? A fitting tribute or over the top?


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7 Jun 2012
Not totally against the idea but not particularly a fan of naming stands after players mainly because it's difficult to pick out just 4 players from our history thought the same about the Colin Bell stand, on the other hand deserves to be remembered by more than just one of the training pitches named after him. Just not sure a stand is the best way.

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