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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 99 5.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1,888 95.0%

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17 Jul 2011
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This is the scariest thing I've seen about this whole thing.
Correct. Because what would happen? "Hmmmm . . . Ajax has told us to fuck ourselves. But Amsterdam doesn't have an ESL franchise. And Ajax only own 13% of their stadium. I wonder if we could offer 2x the rent and double the variable share of revenue. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . "


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30 Jul 2009
Things that don’t make sense:
Pep railing about lack of competition two days after we have signed up to a league that embeds that.
Noises that we have come to this late in the day and been coerced into signing up when the President of this breakaway league says binding contracts have been signed. (That would surely have taken months of negotiation)
Bayern Munich being outside this.
Our owners throwing away all the hard won respect and not fronting up to why.

I have to say I am struggling with any reason or logic to this.

Join the club


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8 Aug 2006
Correct. Because what would happen? "Hmmmm . . . Ajax has told us to fuck ourselves. But Amsterdam doesn't have a franchise. And Ajax only own 13% of their stadium. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . "
But you could say the same for Athletico Madrid as for City.


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15 Feb 2009
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MCFC Belongs to Manchester and English football not to a football cartel of NFL based here today gone tomorrow nomads. Come on City we stood by the club through some dark times , now listen to us and do right by us . Dump this nonsense and return to the best league in the world .
A nice idea but does it not actually belong to the ADUG? Just as it was once owned by Swales.

SWP's back

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29 Jun 2009
Absolutely SB. Having to find profit to the tune almost £17 million to pay Sterling or almost £20 million to pay Kev JUST THEIR BASIC SALARY is absolutely staggering. AT LEAST £37 million of profit to pay TWO players excluding signing fees/add ons/bonuses.

Players might not have a great deal of control over their transfer fees but they absolutely do over their personal remuneration and they need to take responsibility for the part they have played in the 'greed' stakes.
Turnover not profit but I agree with your point.


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5 Aug 2008
The Premier League have stated quite categorically those joining the Super League can be dumped out. It's in clear violation of the rules and we are willingly walking head first into it.

You can suggest it would never happen, but there's no evidence that will be the case at present.
The PL 14 will sit and condemn the actions but won't kick them out. The 'Big 6' line their pockets to much for them to do that. Sentiment is one thing, Business is another

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