Tosin Adarabioyo - 2019/20 Performances

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by Gabriel, 18 Jul 2019.

  1. jamesha


    15 Apr 2013
    For those writing off Tosin remeber that at a similar age Van Dyke had just joined Celtic and was playing against glorified pub players most of the time. Tosin has time on his side and the physical attributes to be an outstanding CB for us.
  2. asahartford1


    15 Nov 2016
    I was pretty open about not seeing his development this season,hence i was interested in reading others who have. but it sounds an amazing transformation. I am very happy for him and City. I watched him alot at youth level, and most games he played at West Brom. There was many flaws in his defensive game, that is why he couldn't get a game at centre half for West Brom.
    If has some have said those flaws have been eradicated, great..
    As for his vision and passing, I did not say that they were not important, they are. But for a Centre back there are equally or more important attributes, that is why they are called Centre backs.
    I outlined those weaknesses a few years ago at youth level, Pep or others at City must have agreed and hence a 20 grand a week player was sent out on loan.
    As regards "muscle" hmmm, that can be detrimental , but I had better not get into somatotyping and football, I don't get a good reaction to that.
  3. WallyA


    22 Dec 2016
    Fair. Mind you, as mentioned by another poster, he played right back mostly at west brom and it was his first stint playing against adults, seeing clear improvement and hearing blackburn fans talk about him should give more insight as well if you haven't seen him this season.

    As for muscle, I agree that packing on muscle can potentially be a detriment, but this is usually in regards to speed for which isn't super important for a center back.

    Also you saw him in the academy (as did I), he was a tooth pick, when I say he added muscle, I mean he added muscle to look "normal adult" sized now. If you look at his pics now vs back then (and ignore height), his width basically goes from a teenager to an adult. I think it was important for him to do that.
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  4. salfordbluetrue


    2 Jul 2013
    I am a big fan of Tosin but for me the best thing we can do with him is sell him with a buy back clause, in two years he may be good enough for us, i believe he could be but without first team experience he will not grow, as for VVD i watched him at Groningen and it was easy to see he was a top player, just think we payed £ 4 million less than Southampton did for VVD for Demichelis
  5. ctid1894


    25 Sep 2018
    He will hopefully comeback and fight for a place with Garcia and Stones to partner Laporte at CB, we don't need to sign anybody on that side.

    Rovers fan, ex pro and still involved at the club who goes home and away in a professional capacity (well did before empty stadiums) who I know loves the lad, reckons he'll be in the City and England team within 1-2 years.
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  6. lmhblue1


    29 May 2019
    If we do end up getting Koulibaly (or any other older CB) I really feel like we should loan Tosin *to a PL club*. Or even sell him with a buyback clause. Either way, I feel like Pep and the board will never consider him unless they see him performing in the Prem. I really hope they've at least got him in mind because I feel like we never hear his name brought up in articles regarding our CB considerations.
  7. BlueindianNewcity


    16 Jul 2011
    God's Own
    I only watch occasional Championship games but I don't find too much difference in quality of football between Championship and PL (outside the top 5-6 clubs). IMO a player proves himself against top Championship opposition, he is most likely good enough to be in a PL squad.
  8. bballchinaski


    8 Apr 2018
    well well well aguero's successor is in da house
  9. Sir Joe Aguero

    Sir Joe Aguero

    9 Feb 2012
    Is he ready to be 3rd/4th choice CB? When I first saw him, I thought he was awful and sluggish on the ball, but hearing really good things about his season with Blackburn.

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