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9 Sep 2020
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The media rag wankfest rolls on. This has got dodgy decisions written all over. They will stop at nothing to get these cnuts over the line, now that they’re in with a shout.
It feels like Leicester.

at this stage of the season I didn’t see how the favourable decisions and luck could carry on but then they had got to the point where they were ahead and could take it a game at a time and every opponent kept playing into their hands leaving the counter open.

difference here should be we are much better.


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23 Sep 2010
I thought just like you last month. This month I no longer think it's luck. Remember they were also 3rd last year after a very good run towards the end of the season. It's staggering how much one player can up the dynamic of a whole team, the reality is they had a transformational recruit, just like us. Without him they would most probably be outside the top 4. With him I always feel there is a sense of inevitability about their goals coming late in games. What will derail their title hope is their defensive woes. I hope it will cost them games later in the season when the attack becomes weary. The fact they beat Liverpool today is good news for us imo, because they will have to play a lot more games.
They have actually got the most points since he signed spread over two seasons.

There is some luck involved as they have had no serious injuries to any of their main players and have had no Covid issues of note. They also had a lot of “luck” in their wins at Brighton with that dodgy pen and the one they got at home to West Brom. It’s amazing how many pens they get in games where they need one whereas ours tend to be when we are already winning.

The only reason they are in with a chance is because other teams haven’t done as well this year including us.

We just have to make sure we carry on winning and hope we don’t get any more key injuries.

The bookies fancy us at 2/5 on.

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