Upton Park memories

That Sven first game was my favourite ever away day. The buzz and excitement after that performance was like nothing I'd felt in the previous couple of decades. MotD did try it on with their player placards they tried to fool us with but our performance gave us the last laugh.
I've been twice. Once wasn't even a city game - I lived in London- and the traffic as so bad we got there after kickoff, couldn't get it, climbed on a garage to get a view and all we could see were the Southampton fans wearing orange wigs in honour of Alan ball. So we went for a pint, got some pie and mash and went home.

I went once with City around the same time. I can't remember much apart from a good song song in the pub and losing the game 4-2. I've been to all the other London clubs loads of times but west ham always seems to be such a nightmare to get to I always swerve it.

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