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A great victory for truth in Atlanta.
A group calling itself “True the Vote” in Georgia alleged ballot stuffing by hundreds of mules in 2024 Presidential election. Amongst other activities the group made a film showing how the fraud was done. The film was widely praised by right wing figures including Trump.
Secretary of state Raffensberger called for proof, but the group claimed confidentiality and declined to give their evidence. Raffensberger took them to court whereupon the judge ordered the group to produce their evidence.
The group finally admitted that they made the whole story up.
They may face prosecution.
Any link to that? I imagine it’s a good read.
I'm not a fan of the state, having lived there (near Augusta) in the past.

It is, however, remarkable, that Georgia is the sole state prosecuting Trump et. al for election interference - when precisely the same Navarro "Green Bay Sweep" coup attempt was carried out in several other swing states. Kudos to Georgia - but fuck if I'd want to live anywhere near that moral backwater.

I've never been, but I assumed from what I've heard that it has its fair share of deprivation and problems. Like you say though, kudos to them for taking a stance where others have fallen short. I said in 2020 that if Georgia went blue then I'd pretend to support the Falcons (I know nothing about NFL). If they put Trump behind bars, I might need to start donning their colours... *checks their colours"... on second thoughts...
It appears that the somewhat unlikely state of Georgia is the closest thing the US have to an actual functioning democracy. Becoming a bigger fan of them by the day.
Yes, an oddity really. My late mother in law had a sister living there and was shocked by the overt racism she encountered on a visit.

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