What famous fans do we have?

Even before the Gallaghers, The Cult's Billy Duffy (Wythenshawe lad/Phoenix Rock club regular) was proudly flying our flag in stadiums across America, Japan and elsewhere .... still goes to games when home (regular seats, not corporate) often with his mate Johnny Marr ...

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Manchester rock royalty, & 1000 bonus points for being Blues!
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Great win for a Blue early tonight.
Another European champion.
Even managed a Doku celebration : )
Didn’t actually realise this, but she’s Lisa Howarths daughter, for those that don’t know her (Lisa), my lad did a lot of training with her back in the day so I got to see her quite often and she was one tough cookie and a great fighter !

Oh and can see where she gets her looks from too ;-).
there is a piece on her and brother on youtube both going to city against brighton this season, both was in the tv box, her other brother is a blue but older brother goes with her when she is in country and not abroad fighting they drove to ground so is she a manc
Yes she is… well born in Sale.

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